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Classic TV Series from 'J' - 'L'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

The Jack Benny Show (situation comedy)

     [aka: "The Jack Benny Daytime Show" (Weekday Re-Runs)]
     [aka: "Sunday With Jack Benny" (Sunday Afternoon Re-Runs)]

The Jack Carson Show (comedy variety)

The Jack Carter Show (comedy variety)

     [a rotating part of NBC's "All-Star Revue"]

+ Jack Douglas -- see The Golden Voyage (travelogue)

+ Jack Douglas -- see I Search For Adventure (travelogue)

+ Jack Douglas -- see Sweet Success (documentary)

+ Jack London Stories -- see Captain David Grief (adventure) starring Maxwell Reed

The Jack Paar Show [#1] (1953 daytime talk-variety)

+ Jack Paar -- see also The [1957] Tonight Show with Jack Paar

The Jack Paar Program [#2] (1962 talk-variety)

Jack Paar Tonite [#3] (1973 talk-variety)

The Jackie Gleason Show (comedy variety)

     [aka: American Scene Magazine]
     [see also "The Honeymooners", a sketch which was spunoff 
          into its own series]

+ The James Melton Show -- see Ford Festival Time (musical variety)

Jamie (sitcom, starring Brandon De Wilde)

The Jane Froman Show / U.S.A. Canteen (musical variety)

+ Jane Wyman -- see Fireside Theatre (dramatic anthology)

    [Original Title: "Fireside Theatre";

     alternate titles:
     "Jane Wyman Presents Fireside Theatre";
     "Jane Wyman Theatre";
     "The Jane Wyman Show";

     Syndicated titles included:
     "Your - TV Theater" and "The Jane Wyman Show"]

Janet Dean, Registered Nurse (drama, starring Ella Raines)

The Jaye P. Morgan Show (music)

The Jean Arthur Show (sitcom)

+ The Jeannie Carson Show -- see Hey, Jeannie (sitcom)

+ Jeff's Collie -- see Lassie (adventure)

Jefferson Drum (western, starring Jeff Richards)

Jesse James [The Legend Of... ] (western, starring Chris Jones)

+ Jet Jackson -- see Captain Midnight (children's adventure)

The Jim Backus Show / Hot Off The Wire (sitcom)

    [Orig. title: "Press Time"]

Jim Bowie, The Adventures of (adventure, starring Scott Forbes)

+ The Jim Henson Hour -- see The Muppets (marionettes-puppets-satire)

The Jimmy Dean Show (musical-variety)

    [aka: "The C. B. S. Country Music Show"]

The Jimmy Durante Show (comedy-variety)

    [first season umbrella title: "Texaco Star Theater"]

The Jimmy Stewart Show (sitcom)

The Jo Stafford Show (musical variety)

The Joe Franklin Show (talk)

The Joe Palooka Story (crime, starring Joe Kirkwood, Jr.)

The Joey Bishop Show [#1] / The New Joey Bishop Show (sitcom)

The Joey Bishop Show [#2] (talk show)

The John Forsythe Show (sitcom/spy show)

+ John Gunther's High Road -- see The High Road

Johnny Midnight (detective, starring Edmond O'Brien)

Johnny Ringo (western, starring Don Durant)

+ Johnny Staccato -- see Staccato (police drama, starring John Cassavetes)

The Joker's Wild (game/quiz show, hosted by Jack Barry)

The Jonathan Winters Show (#1) [NBC, 1956] (comedy variety)

The Jonathan Winters Show (#2) [CBS, 1967] (comedy variety)

+ Jonathan Winters -- see also The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters

The Joseph Cotton Show / On Trial (legal drama)

+ Jubilee U.S.A. -- see Ozark Jubilee (country music/variety, hosted by Red Foley)

The Judy Garland Show (musical-variety)

Judd, For The Defense (legal drama, starring Carl Betz)

Judge For Yourself / The Fred Allen Show (game show)

Judge Roy Bean (western, starring Edgard Buchanan and Jack Beutel)

Julia (sitcom, starring Diahann Carroll)

The Julie Andrews Hour (musical variety)

+ The June Allyson Show -- see The Dupont Show (dramatic anthology)

[The Adventures of a] Jungle Boy (adventure)

Justice (legal drama, starring Dane Clark)

[N B C] Kaleidoscope (magazine, hosted by Charles Van Doren)

+ Karen (1964) -- see [Ninety] 90 Bristol Court (rotating sitcoms)

The Kate Smith Evening Hour (musical variety)

+ Kay Kyser -- see The Kollege Of Musical Knowledge (game)

Keep Talking (celebrity quiz)

The Ken Murray Show (comedy variety)

Kentucky Jones (drama, starring Dennis Weaver)

King Of Diamonds (adventure, with Broderick Crawford)

Kingston: Confidential (adventure, starring Raymond Burr)

Kit Carson, The Adventures of (western, with Bill Williams)

Klondike (adventure)

+ Kolchack -- see The Night Stalker (suspense fantasy, starring Darren McGavin)

Kojak (detective, starring Telly Savalas)

The Kollege Of Musical Knowledge (game)

    [aka: "Kay Kyser's 'Kollege Of Musical Knowledge'" (1949);
     aka: "The College Of Musical Knowledge" (1954)]

+ Kovacs Unlimited -- see The Ernie Kovacs Show (comedy)

The Kraft Music Hall (musical variety)

    [aka: "Milton Berle Starring in The Kraft Music Hall" (1958 - 59),
     aka: "Kraft Music Hall Presents: The Dave King Show" (1959), and
     aka: "Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall" (1959 - 67)]

+ The Kraft Music Hall -- see also series listed under "Milton Berle"

+ The Kraft Music Hall -- see also series listed under "Perry Como"

Kraft Mystery Theatre (dramatic anthology)

Kraft Suspense Theatre (dramatic anthology)

Kraft Television Theatre (dramatic anthology)

+ Kraft Television Theatre -- see also Ponds Theatre (dramatic anthology)

Kukla, Fran and Ollie (puppet show)

Lamp Unto My Feet (religion & culture)

+Lancelot -- see [The Adventures of] Sir Lancelot (starring William Russell)

Lancer (western, starring James Stacy and Andrew Duggan)

Land Of The Giants (science fiction / fantasy)

+ The Lanny Ross Show -- see The Swift Show (musical variety)

Laramie (western, starring Robert Fuller and John Smith)

Laredo (western, starring Peter Brown and Neville Brand)

The Larry Storch Show (comedy variety)

Lassie (adventure)

    [Reruns of original CBS series were syndicated under titles: 
     "Jeff's Collie" with Tommy Rettig, and
     "Timmy and Lassie" with Jon Provost]

Last Of The Wild (documentary, hosted by Lorne Greene)

    [aka: "Lorne Greene's Last Of The Wild"]

The Last Word (language panel show)

+ Laughback -- see Steve Allen's Laughback (comedy variety, hosted by Steve Allen)

Laurel and Hardy (comedy/slapstick)

+ Laurel and Hardy -- see also Comedy Capers

The Law and Mr. Jones (legal drama, starring James Whitmore)

Law Of The Plainsman (western, starring Michael Ansara)

The Lawbreakers (crime documentary, narrated by Lee Marvin)

    [aka: "Lee Marvin's Lawbreakers"]

The Lawless Years (crime, starring James Gregory)

The Lawman (western)

The Lawrence Welk Show (musical variety)

    [original title: "The Dodge Dancing Party"]

+ The Lawyers -- see The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

Leave It To Beaver (sitcom)

+ Lee Marvin's Lawbreakers -- see The Lawbreakers (crime documentary)

The Legend of Custer (western, starring Wayne Maunder)

    [aka: "Custer"]

+ The Legend Of Jesse James -- see Jesse James (western, starring Chris Jones)

Let's Take a Trip (children, with host Sonny Fox)

+ Letter to Loretta -- see The Loretta Young Show

The Liberace Show (music)

The Lieutenant (drama, starring Gary Lockwood)

+ The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp -- see Wyatt Earp

The Life Of Riley (situation comedy)

     [First  series on NBC, 1949 - 1950 starring Jackie Gleason]
     [Second series on NBC, 1953 - 1958 starring William Bendix]

Life With Buster Keaton (silent comedy)

Life With Father (situation comedy, with Leon Ames and Lureen Tuttle)

Life With Luigi (sitcom, starring J. Carrol Naish)

+ Life With The Erwins -- see The Trouble With Father

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (fantasy travelogue, narrated by Robin Leach)

Lights, Camera, Action! (talent show)

The Line-Up (police drama)

     [Syndicated Title: "San Francisco Beat"]

+ The Linkletter Show -- see Art Linkletter's House Party

Little Audrey (cartoons)

The Little House on the Prairie (drama)

Little Lulu (cartoons)

The Little Rascals (children)

    [original title as theatrical film shorts: "Hal Roach's Rascals";
     silent film title: "The Terrible Ten";
     later title with sound: "'Our Gang' Comedies"]

The Lloyd Bridges Show (dramatic anthology)

+ Lloyd Bridges -- see also Sea Hunt

The Lloyd Thaxton Show (dance party)

Lock-Up (legal drama, starring MacDonald Carey)

+ Logos/Emblems/Signatures -- see the Studio Logos Web Page

The Lone Ranger (western, starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels)

The Lone Wolf (adventure, starring Louis Hayward)

     [aka: "Streets of Danger"]

The Loner (western, starring Lloyd Bridges)

Look Up and Live (religious anthology)

Looney Tunes (cartoons, from Warner Brothers)

The Long, Hot Summer (serial drama)

The Loretta Young Show [#1] (dramatic anthology)

     [original title: "Letter to Loretta";
      some episodes rerun in 1957 as "Festival Of Stars";
      Daytime rerun title: "The Loretta Young Theatre"]

The [New] Loretta Young Show [#2] (sitcom)

+ Lorne Greene -- see Last Of The Wild (documentary, hosted by Lorne Greene)

Lost In Space (science fiction / fantasy)

Love Of Life (soap opera)

+ Love Or Money -- see For Love Or Money (game show, hosted by Bill Nimmo)

+ Love That Bob! -- see The Bob Cummings Show (1955-59)

Lucas Tanner (drama, starring David Hartman)

+ Lucky Strike Theater -- see Robert Montgomery Presents (dramatic anthology)

The Lucy Show/Here's Lucy (sitcom, starring Lucille Ball)

    [original title: "The Lucille Ball Show"]

Lunch With Soupy Sales (comedy)

+ Lunch With Soupy Sales -- see also: The Soupy Sales Show (comedy)

+ Lux Playhouse -- see also Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (dramatic anthology)

+ The Lux Show Starring Rosemary Clooney -- see The Rosemary Clooney Show (musical variety)

Lux Video Theatre (dramatic anthology)

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