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Classic TV Series from 'H' - 'I'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

Haggis Baggis (game show)

The Hallmark Hall of Fame (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: Hallmark Television Playhouse]

The Halls of Ivy (situation comedy, starring Ronald Coleman and Benita Hume)

Hank McCune Hall / The Hank McCune Show (sitcom)

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (children)

+ Harris Against The World -- see [Ninety] 90 Bristol Court (rotating sitcoms)

Harry's Girls (sitcom, starring Larry Blyden)

Have Gun, Will Travel (western, starring Richard Boone)

Happy (sitcom, starring Ronnie Burns and Yvonne Lime)

Happy Days (sitcom)

Hawaii Five-O (police drama, starring Jack Lord)

Hawaiian Eye (detectives, with Robert Conrad and Connie Stevens)

Hawkins (legal drama, starring Jimmy Stewart)

Hawkins Falls (soap opera)

   [original title: "Hawkins Falls, Pop. 6200"]

Hazel (sitcom, starring Shirley Booth)

+ Headline -- see Big Town (newspaper drama)

+ Heart of the City -- see Big Town (newspaper drama)

Heckle And Jeckle (cartoons)

The Hector Heathcote Show (cartoons)

Hee Haw (country-style comedy-variety)

+ Heinz Studio 57 -- see Studio 57

The Helen O'Connell Show (music)

Hennesey (sitcom, starring Jackie Cooper)

+ Henry Phyfe -- see The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (sitcom with Red Buttons)

+ Herald Playhouse -- see Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (dramatic anthology)

+ Herb Shriner -- see Two For The Money (quiz show)

+ Hercules -- see The Mighty Hercules (cartoon)

+ Hercules -- see also Sons Of Hercules (action adventure)

Here Come The Brides (western with David Soul and Bobbie Sherman)

+ Here Comes Donald -- see The Donald O'Connor Show (sitcom/comedy-variety)

Here's Edie (musical-variety, starring Edie Adams)

    [aka: "The Edie Adams Show";

Here's Hollywood (celebrity interviews)

Hey, Jeannie / The Jeannie Carson Show (sitcom)

    [Rerun title: "The Jeannie Carson Show"]

Hey, Mulligan / The Mickey Rooney Show (sitcom)

The High Chaparral (western, with Linda Cristal and Cameron Mitchell)

The High Road / John Gunther's High Road (travelogue)

Highway Patrol (police drama)

     [aka: "Ten-Four" in later syndicated re-runs]

Highway To Heaven (drama, starring Michael Landon and Victor French)

Hiram Holiday, The Adventures of (sitcom, starring Wally Cox)

Hobby Lobby / The Charley Weaver Show (comedy, starring Cliff Arquette)

Hogan's Heroes (sitcom, starring Bob Crane)

Holiday Lodge (sitcom, starring Johnny Wayne & Frank Shuster)

Hollywood: The Golden Years (documentary)

Hollywood & The Stars (documentary, narrated by Joseph Cotton)

The Hollywood Palace (variety)

Hollywood Squares (game/quiz show, hosted by Peter Marshall)

+ Hollywood Talent Scouts -- see Celebrity Talent Scouts (talent)

Home (women's magazine show, hosted by Arlene Francis)

+ Homicide Squad -- see Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama)

Hondo (western, starring Ralph Taeger)

Honey West (detective, starring Anne Francis)

The Honeymooners (situation comedy)

     [spunoff from a comedy sketch on "Cavalcade of Stars" ]

Hong Kong (adventure, starring Rod Taylor)

Hopalong Cassidy (western, starring William Boyd)

The Horace Heidt Show (musical variety)

+ Hot Off The Wire -- see The Jim Backus Show (sitcom)

    [Orig. title: "Press Time"]

Hotel (dramatic anthology, starring James Brolin & Connie Sellecca)

    [Orig. title: "Arthur Hailey's 'Hotel'"] 

Hotel Cosmopolitan (daytime drama, hosted by Donald Woods)

Hotel De Paree (western, starring Earl Holliman)

+ House Party -- see Art Linkletter's House Party

How Do You Rate? (quiz show, hosted by Tom Reddy)

How The West Was Won (western, starring James Arness)

How To Marry A Millionaire (sitcom, starring Barbara Eden)

Howdy Doody Time (children)

    [first season title: "Puppet Playhouse"]

The Human Jungle (psychiatric drama, starring Herbert Lom and Michael Johnson)

The Hunter [#1] (espionage, starring Barry Nelson)

Hunter [#2] (adventure, starring James Franciscus)

Hunter [#3] (police drama, starring Fred Dryer)

+ I Am The Law -- see I'm The Law (crime drama, starring George Raft)

I Dream Of Jeannie (sitcom, starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman)

I Led Three Lives (intrigue, with Richard Carlson)

I Love Lucy (sitcom, starring Lucille Ball Arnaz and Desi Arnaz)

+ I Love Lucy -- see also The Lucy Show/Here's Lucy (sitcom)

I Married Joan (sitcom, starring Joan Davis)

+ I Remember Mama - see Mama (family drama, starring Peggy Wood)

I Search For Adventure (travelogue)

I Spy (adventure, starring Bill Cosby and Robert Culp)

Ichabod And Me (sitcom, starring Robert Sterling)

+ If You Had a Million -- see The Millionaire (dramatic anthology)

I'm The Law (crime drama, starring George Raft)

The Immortal (adventure, starring Christopher George)

Imogene Coca Show, The (comedy)

+ Imogene Coca -- see also Grindl

+ Imogene Coca -- see also Your Show of Shows

In The Morgan Manner (musical variety, starring Russ Morgan)

The Ina Ray Hutton Show (musical variety)

+ The Inner Flame -- see Portia Faces Life (soap opera)

+ Inside Detective -- see Rocky King, Detective (crime drama, starring Roscoe Karns)

Inside U. S. A. (musical variety, starring Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy)

    [aka: "Inside U.S.A. With Chevrolet"]

Insight (religious anthology, hosted by Ellwood Keiser)

+ Inspector Mark Saber -- see Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama)

International Detective (detective, starring Arthur Fleming)

International Showtime (circus, hosted by Don Ameche)

Interpol Calling (police drama, starring Charles Korvin)

The Invaders (sci-fi fantasy, starring Roy Thinnes)

The Investigators (crime drama, starring James Franciscus)

The Invisible Man [#1, CBS 1958 - 1959] (science fiction)

The Invisible Man [#2, NBC 1975 - 1976] (science fiction, starring David McCallum)

The Iron Horse (western, starring Dale Robertson)

The Islanders (adventure, starring William Reynolds)

Issues and Answers (public affairs)

    [orig. title: "ABC Press Conference"]

It Could Be You (audience participation, hosted by Bill Leyden)

It Takes A Thief (adventure, starring Robert Wagner)

It's A Great Life (sitcom, starring Michael O'Shea and William Bishop)

    [Synd. title: "The Bachelors"]

It's A Man's World (sitcom)

It's About Time (sitcom)

It's Always Jan (sitcom, starring Janis Paige)

It's Your Decision (quiz)

Ivanhoe (adventure, starring Roger Moore)

I've Got a Secret (quiz/panel)

+ Inspector Mark Saber - see Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama)

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