Hunter [#3] (police drama, starring Fred Dryer)

    (CBS Primetime, 1984 - 1991)

    [Former football player Fred Dryer starred as a modern L. A.
     police sergeant named Rick Hunter in this precursor series
     of the more realistic police procedurals of the 1990s; although
     the series began in a bad time slot (opposite the hit "Dallas")
     the networks allowed producer Stephen J. Cannell to fine-tune the 
     series with changes in plots and characters until it resonated with
     the viewing public who rewarded it with a six-season run;

     This is the third and most successful of three series named 
    "Hunter" or "The Hunter" which aired on U.S. network television; 
     there was even a 4th series by this name on Australian television]

Theme: "Hunter: Main Title"

    [above is title as registered below;
     BMI title variations...
     aka: "Hunter Theme";
     aka: "Hunter"]

     Composers: Mike Post (BMI)
               [professional name of Leland Michael Postil], and
                Pete Carpenter (BMI)
               [professional name of Clarence E. Carpenter]    

     Orig. Publishers: Tussel Music (BMI);
                       Stephen Cannell Music (BMI); and
                       Lokey Music (BMI)

     2001 Publishers: Darjen Music (Special Acct. #2) (BMI)
                         c/o Mike Post Productions, Inc.
                         of Burbank, CA;
                      EMI-Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)
                         c/o EMI Music Publishing, Inc.
                         of New York, NY;
                      Lokey Publishing (BMI) [Pete Carpenter heirs]
                         of South Lake Tahoe, CA; and
                      Stephen Cannell Music (BMI)
                         a div. of Stephen J. Cannell Prod., Inc.
                         of Santa Barbara, CA
     Creation Date: 1984
    [as "Hunter: Main Title"]:  
     Copyright Date: Mar. 24, 1986; PAu-823-624.
     Renewal   Date:

    [filed for the sound recording as "Hunter"]:    
     Recording Publication Date: April 17, 1988
     Recording Filing Date: Mar. 15, 1991; PA-512-779.

             CD: "Music From L.A. Law and Otherwise"
                  Mike Post (conductor)
                  Polydor 833 985-2 (1988)

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