Classic U.S. TV Series
THEME Music List

This list focuses primarily on Main Title and End Credits THEMEs for network and nationally - syndicated series which aired (in most cases) before 1965. In some cases, when a series continued past that time in various incarnations, additional THEME information of later dates was provided to give context. If a more recent series used a particularly admirable composer or craftsmanlike theme composition, additional information is also provided. Why are Multiple Themes sometimes listed for a single Series? There are several reasons -- explained here.

Classic TV Series - in alphabetic order - For series music theme info, CLICK ON A LINK BELOW

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NOTE: This list and the pages it references are being updated as time permits. As more data is processed, it will be added from our TV Theme archives.

Much of this material previously appeared in the book "TV THEME GUIDE", First Edition, copyright 1983, published by Merivale Press [out of print.]

These pages were last updated on December 24, 2020.

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