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Classic TV Series from 'C' - 'D'

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All Rights Reserved.

To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

C B S Cartoon Theater (cartoons, hosted by Dick Van Dyke)

C B S Color Movies (since 1961)

[The] CBS [Evening] News

    [aka: "Douglas Edwards With The News" (1948 - 1962); 
     aka: "CBS News with Walter Cronkite" (1962 - 1981);
     aka: "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather" (1981 - present)]

C B S Playhouse (dramatic specials)

C B S Reports (documentary/investigative report)

C B S N.C.A.A. Sports Coverage (college basketball & football)

C B S N.F.L. Sports Coverage (football)

C B S Television Workshop (experimental anthology)

Cade's County (adventure, starring Glenn Ford)

Caesar's Hour (comedy, starring Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray)

Cain's Hundred (crime drama, starring Mark Richman)

The Californians (western, starring Richard Coogan)

+ Call Mr. D -- see Richard Diamond, Private Detective

+ Call Of The West -- see Death Valley Days (western adventure)

Camera 3 (fine arts)

Campbell Playhouse / Campbell Soundstage (dramatic anthology)

    [NBC Primetime, 1952 as "Campbell Playhouse/Campbell Soundstage";
     NBC Primetime, 1953 as "TV Soundstage" (live);
     NBC Primetime, 1954 as "Campbell Summer Soundstage"]

Candid Camera (human interest, with Allen Funt)

    [original title on both radio and TV: "Candid Microphone"]

Cannonball (adventure)

+ Captain China -- see China Smith (adventure, starring Dan Duryea)

Captain David Grief (adventure, starring Maxwell Reed)

    [Re-issued, 1957 as "Jack London Stories"]

Captain Gallant [of the Foreign Legion] (children's adventure, starring Buster Crabbe)

    [Syndicated as "Foreign Legionnaire"]

Captain Kangaroo (children, with Bob Keeshan)

Captain Midnight (children's adventure)

    [Syndicated title: "Jet Jackson, Flying Commando"]

Captain Nice (comedy, starring William Daniels and Alice Ghostley)

Captain Video & His Video Rangers (children's space serial)

The Cara Williams Show (sitcom)

Caribe (police drama, starring Stacy Keach)

Cartoon Teletales (children)

+ Cartoon Theater -- see C B S Cartoon Theater (hosted by Dick Van Dyke)

The Carol Burnett Show (sitcom)

The Case of the Dangerous Robin (crime, starring Rick Jason)

+ Casey, Crime Photographer -- see Crime Photographer (crime drama)

Casey Jones (western adventure, starring Alan Hale, Jr.)

Casper, The Friendly Ghost (cartoons)

Cathedral Of Tomorrow / Rex Humbard (religion)

Cavalcade of America (historical anthology)

    [aka: "Dupont Cavalcade of America" (1955 - 1956),
          "Dupont Cavalcade Theater" (1956 - 1957), and
          "Cavalcade Theater"]

Cavalcade Of Bands (musical variety)

Cavalcade of Sports (boxing and other sports)

    [aka: "NBC Cavalcade of Sports";
          "The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports"; and
          "The Friday Night Fights"]

+ Cavalcade Theater -- see Cavalcade of America

+ Celebrity Charades -- see Pantomime Quiz (charades, hosted by Mike Stokey)

Celebrity Talent Scouts (talent)

    [aka: "Hollywood Talent Scouts" and
          "Art Linkletter's Hollywood Talent Scouts"]

+ Challenge of the Yukon -- see Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (adventure)

Champion, The Wonder Horse (children)

    [aka: "The Adventures of Champion, The Wonder Horse";
     aka: "The Adventures of Champion"]

Chance Of A Lifetime (quiz show/talent contest)

Channing (drama, starring Jason Evers)

+ Charles Ruggles Show -- see The Ruggles (sitcom)

+ Charles Ruggles -- see also The World Of Mr. Sweeney (sitcom)

+ The Charley Weaver Show -- see Hobby Lobby (comedy, starring Cliff Arquette)

Charlie Chan (detective, starring J. Carroll Naish and James Hong)

    [aka: "The New Adventures of Charlie Chan"]

The Charlie Farrell Show (sitcom)

    [aka: "The Charles Farrell Show"]

Charlie Wild, Private Detective (detective)

    [aka: "Charlie Wild, PI";
     aka: "Charlie Wilde, Private Eye";
     aka: "Charley Wilde, Private Eye"]

Checkmate (detective drama)

The Chesterfield Supper Club (musical variety, starring Perry Como)

    [see also series listed under "Perry Como"]

Chet Huntley Reporting (news analysis)

+ -- see also the "Huntley-Brinkley Report" listed under NBC News

Chevron Theatre (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: Gruen Theatre, which see]
    [aka: Stars Over Hollywood]

Cheyenne (western, starring Clint Walker)

+ Cheyenne -- see also Warner Brothers Presents

[The Affairs of] China Smith (adventure, starring Dan Duryea)

    [orig. title: "Captain China";
     1955 title: "The New Adventures of China Smith"]

The Children's Corner (puppet show, with Fred Rogers and Josie Carey)

Chronicle (documentary)

The Chrysler Theatre/Bob Hope Specials (dramatic anthology/comedy-variety)

     [original title: "Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre"; and
      comedy-var. shows titled: "Chrysler Presents a Bob Hope Special";
      dramatic anthology epsides syndicated under the title:
     "Universal Star Time"] 

Cimarron City (western, starring George Montgomery)

Cimarron Strip (western, starring Stuart Whitman and Randy Boone)

+ Circle Theatre -- see Armstrong Circle Theatre

Circus Boy (children's adventure, starring Mickey Braddock/Dolenz)

    [12-year old "Mickey Braddock's" real name was Mickey Dolenz,
    and as a young adult, he later starred as one of "The Monkees".]

Circus Time (children, hosted by Paul Winchell)

The Cisco Kid (western, with Duncan Reynaldo and Leo Carillo)

+ City Assignment -- see Big Town (newspaper drama)

City Detective (crime drama, starring Rod Cameron)

+ Classic Concentration -- see Concentration (game show)

Climax! (dramatic anthology, host William Lundigan)

The Clock (suspense anthology)

+ Club Embassy / Club Time -- see Bob and Ray (comedy)

Code Red (firefighter drama, starring Lorne Greene and Andrew Stevens)

Code [Three] 3 (police documentary) [Syndicated, 1957]

Code [Three] 3 (documentary) [Fox Network, 1992]

Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (music)

The College Bowl (1950 musical comedy series on ABC)

+ The College Bowl -- see also The G. E. College Bowl (quiz/panel)

+ The College Show -- see Your All-American College Show (talent contest)

The Colgate Comedy Hour (comedy-variety)

Coliseum (circus)

+ College Of Musical Knowledge -- see The Kollege Of Musical Knowledge (game)

Colonel Humphrey J. Flack (sitcom, starring Alan Mowbray)

    [aka: "The Fabulous Fraud"]

Colonel March of Scotland Yard (detective drama, starring Boris Karloff)

Colt .45 (western, starring Wayde Preston)

Columbo (detective, starring Peter Falk)

    [aka: "NBC Mystery Movie: Columbo (1971)";
     aka: "ABC Mystery Movie: Columbo (1989)"]

The Comeback Story (biography, starring George Jessel)

Combat! (adventure, starring Vic Morrow and Rick Jason)

Comedy Capers (comedy)

Concentration / Classic Concentration (game show)

Confession (crime interviews, hosted by Jack Wyatt)

Conflict (dramatic anthology)

Continental Classroom (educational courses)

The Continental (romantic readings, starring Renzo Cesana)

Convoy (naval adventure, starring John Gavin)

+ Corliss Archer -- see Meet Corliss Archer (sitcom, starring Lugene Sanders)

Coronado 9 (detective, starring Rod Cameron)

Cosmos (documentary, hosted by Carl Sagan)

The Count Of Monte Christo (adventure, starring George Dolenz)

County Fair (daytime variety, hosted by Bert Parks)

+ Country Music Jubilee -- see Ozark Jubilee (country music/variety, hosted by Red Foley)

Court Martial (military detectives)

Cowboy G-Men (western)

The Cowboys (western)

Crime Photographer (crime drama)

    [aka: "Casey, Crime Photographer"]

+ Cross Current -- see Foreign Intrigue (mystery)

Crossroads (1955 dramatic anthology)

The Crusader (adventure, starring Brian Keith)

Crusader Rabbit (cartoon)

The Curiosity Shop (children)

+ Curtain Time -- see Telephone Time (dramatic anthology)

+ Custer -- see The Legend of Custer (western, starring Wayne Maunder)

The D. A. (legal drama, starring Robert Conrad and Harry Morgan)

The D.A.'s Man (crime drama)

The Dakotas (western, starring Chad Everett and Larry Ward)

Daktari (adventure, starring Marshall Thompson)

Danger (suspense anthology)

Dangerous Assignment (foreign intrigue) starring Brian Donlevy

+ Dangerous Robin -- see The Case of the Dangerous Robin (crime)

Daniel Boone (western, starring Fess Parker)

The Danny Kaye Show (musical variety)

+ The Danny Thomas Show -- see Make Room For Daddy (sitcom)

Dante (mystery, starring Howard Duff)

A Date With Life (soap opera)

A Date With The Angels (sitcom, starring Bill Williams and Betty White)

+ Dateline Europe -- see Foreign Intrigue (mystery)

The Dating Game (game show, hosted by Jim Lange)

Davey And Goliath (children's religious show)

The David Niven Show (dramatic anthology)

David Niven's World (reality series)

+ The David Susskind Show -- see Open End (talk)

Davy Crockett (adventure, starring Fess Parker)

    [3 mini-series which were broadcast in "Disneyland" 1954 - 1955]

Day By Day (sitcom)

Days Of Our Lives (soap opera)

The Dean Jones Variety Hour / What's It All About, World? (comedy variety)

Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers Show (comedy variety)

The Dean Martin Show / Dean Martin Comedy Hour (comedy variety)

    [summer series: "Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers..."]

Dear Phoebe (sitcom, starring Peter Lawford)

Death Valley Days (western adventure)

    [Alternate rerun titles:

     "The Pioneers" (1960),        hosted by Will Rogers, Jr.;
     "Trails West" (1962),         hosted by Ray Milland;
     "Western Star Theatre" (1963) hosted by Rory Calhoun;
     "Call Of The West" (1969)     hosted by John Payne.]

The Debbie Reynolds Show (sitcom)

December Bride (sitcom, starring Spring Byington)

Decoy (crime drama) starring Beverly Garland

     [original title: "Policewoman Decoy"]

The Defenders (legal drama, starring E. G. Marshall and Robert Reed)

+ The Dennis Day Show -- see The R C A Victor Show (musical variety)

The Dennis O'Keefe Show: All Around Towne (sitcom)

Dennis The Menace (sitcom, with Jay North as Dennis)

The Detectives / Robert Taylor's Detectives (police drama)

Desilu Playhouse (dramatic anthology, with host Desi Arnaz)

     [aka: Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse]

Destiny (dramatic anthology)

+ Destiny -- see also Men Of Destiny / Milestones of the Century

+ Detective's Diary -- see Mark Saber/Saber of London (crime drama, starring Donald Gray)

Diagnosis: Unknown (police drama, starring Patrick O'Neal)

Dial 999 (crime drama) starring Robert Beatty

The Dick Cavett Show [#1] / This Morning (ABC Morning talk/interview)

The Dick Cavett Show [#2] (ABC Summer talk/interview)

The Dick Cavett Show [#3] (ABC late-night talk-variety)

The Dick Cavett Show [#4] (CBS Summer variety)

The Dick Cavett Show [#5] (PBS Nighttime talk/interview)

The Dick Cavett Show [#6] (ABC Nighttime talk/interview)

The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show (dance party)

    [aka: "The Dick Clark Show"]

+ Dick Clark's American Bandstand -- see American Bandstand (dance party)

The Dick Powell Show (dramatic anthology)

+ Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater -- see Zane Grey Theater

Dick Tracy [#1] (detective, starring Ralph Byrd)

The Dick Tracy Show [#2] (cartoon)

The Dick Van Dyke Show [#1] (sitcom, starring Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore)

The New Dick Van Dyke Show [#2] (sitcom, starring Dick Van Dyke and Hope Lange)

The Dinah Shore Show / Dinah Shore Chevy Show (musical variety)

Ding Dong School (children, starring "Miss Frances" Horwich)

Dinner Date with Vincent Lopez (musical variety)

Disneyland / Walt Disney Presents / Wonderful World of Color (children)

    [ABC Sunday Nights, 1954 - 1958, as "Disneyland";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1958 - 1961, as "Walt Disney Presents";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1961 - 1969,
                   as "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1969 - 1979,
                   as "The Wonderful World of Disney";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1979 - 1981, as "Disney's Wonderful World";
     CBS Sunday Nights, 1981 - 1983, as "Walt Disney";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1986 - 1988, as "The Disney Sunday Movie";
     NBC Sunday Nights, 1988 - 1990, as "The Magical World of Disney";
     Re-runs on "The Disney Channel" cable network]

+ Do You Trust Your Wife? -- see Who Do You Trust? (game show)

Dobie Gillis (The Many Loves of...) (sitcom, starring Dwayne Hickman and Bob Denver)

Doc (sitcom, starring Barnard Hughes)

[Doctor] Dr. Christian (medical drama, starring MacDonald Carey)

[Doctor] Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (medical drama)

[Doctor] Doctor I. Q. (quiz show)

   [aka: "Doctor I. Q., the Mental Banker"]

[Doctor] Dr. Kildare (medical drama, starring Richard Chamberlain)

+ The Doctors [w/E. G. Marshall] -- see The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

   [aka: "The New Doctors"]

+ The Doctors and The Nurses -- see The Nurses (medical drama)

+ The Dodge Dancing Party -- see The Lawrence Welk Show

The Don Knotts Show (comedy-variety)

Don McNeill's TV Club (variety, with host Don McNeill)

+ Don McNeill -- see also The Breakfast Club (daytime variety)

The Donald O'Connor Show / Here Comes Donald (sitcom/comedy-variety)

   [umbrella title: "Texaco Star Theater"]

The Donna Reed Show (sitcom)

Donny And Marie / The Osmond Family Show / Marie (musical variety)

Doodles Weaver Show, The (comedy variety)

The Doris Day Show (sitcom)

Dotto (game show, hosted by Jack Narz)

The Dotty Mack Show: Girl Alone (musical pantomime)

The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (sitcom, starring Red Buttons)

Double Or Nothing (game/quiz, hosted by Bert Parks)

Dough Re Mi (musical quiz, hosted by Gene Rayburn)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents (dramatic anthology)

+ Douglas Fairbanks Jr. -- see also Rheingold Theater (dramatic anthology)

Dragnet (police drama, starring Jack Webb)

     [syndicated title: "Badge 714"]
     [revival titles: "Dragnet '67", "Dragnet '68", etc]

Duffy's Tavern (sitcom, starring Ed Gardner)

The Duke (sitcom, starring Paul Gilbert)

Dundee and The Culhane (western, starring John Mills)

+ Dupont Cavalcade of America -- see Cavalcade of America

+ Dupont Cavalcade Theater -- see Cavalcade of America

The Dupont Show with June Allyson (dramatic anthology)

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