City Detective (crime drama, starring Rod Cameron)

    (Syndicated, 1953)

    [A forerunner of the gritty New York cop shows which came
     much later in TV and movies, Cameron starred as Detective
     Lieutenant Bart Grant -- a tough no-nonsense kind of guy
    (but perhaps not as no-nonsense as Joe Friday on "Dragnet",
     but that's another story :-) Some TV critics thought the
     Bart Grant character was too much action and not enough
     character -- accusing him of solving problems too often
     "with his fists"; but that's the kind of world the 1950s
     was, at least on TV;

     Revue Productions made 65 episodes promoted heavily by its
     parent MCA talent agency and their client-star Cameron;

     As the result the series was seen on over 170 stations --
     a record at the time for a non-network TV series]

Theme: "City Detective"

     Composer: William ("Bill") Lava (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Gordon Music Co. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Gordon Music Company (ASCAP)
                         of Canoga Park, CA

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     Renewal   Date:


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