Dangerous Assignment (foreign intrigue, starring Brian Donlevy)

     (Syndicated, 1952)

     [Nine years after he starred in Preston Sturges' first directorial
      effort -- the 1940 hit motion picture "The Great McGinty" -- 
      about a man who tries to clean up a mistake from his past --
      mustacheod Irish-American actor Brian Donlevy, who had mostly 
      worked in movies, agreed to star in a radio series called 
     "Dangerous Assignment" on the NBC Radio network;

      Donlevy played Steve Mitchell -- "international troubleshooter"
      for an un-named US government intelligence agency; whose boss
      "The Commissioner" -- dispatched him to world trouble spots; 
      Naturally all problems got fixed in record time, all in 
      accordance with US interests; the NBC radio series was a big
      enough success to last three seasons (from 1949 - 1953);
      perhaps the success was due in part to the mystique of the
      foreign situations which radio listeners could create in
      their imaginations; 

      During its last year on radio, Donlevy formed a production
      company to convert the idea to television; But no TV network 
      was interested, so he produced 39 episodes and sold them to
      individual stations nationwide in First-run Syndication; In
      the TV version, Herb Butterfield played the boss called "The
      Commissioner" as he had on the radio series;

      Seven years before "Mr. Lucky" and the "James Bond" character, 
      Donlevy donned a dinner jacket for the TV series and attempted 
      to look suave in his exploits; including the opening sequence 
      during which he assumed a nonchalant pose as a dagger whizzed 
      dangerously past his head;

      Other than that, the series was a bit tedious, since Donlevy
      was not able to portray the confident nuances of the character 
      type that was pioneered by Cary Grant and Sean Connery later,
      who played a dangerous situation with savoir faire (i.e., grace 
      under pressure); one-dimensional situations and character
      attributes that might have gotten by on radio were a bit hard 
      to swallow when you saw them acted out on television; and of
      course, as the old saying goes, perhaps "the pictures are 
      better" on radio;

      In 1954, after the first TV season, the networks were not 
      interested in picking up either the radio or television 
      version; so more radio episodes were produced in Australia 
      for worldwide syndication starring Lloyd Burrell in the role 
      which Brian Donlevy originated and had tried to exploit; 
      Despite the efforts of many people, this franchise was
      played out by the mid-1950s]

Theme: "Adventure" aka: "Dangerous Assignment Theme"

    [Above is THEME title as credited in 
    "Stetcheson Classified Song Directory", 1961;
     this was the same THEME as used on the radio version...
     The original registration by Bel-Air Music Corp.
     was titled "Adventure".

     aka: ASCAP opening title: "Adventure Title Theme (Signature)";
     aka: ASCAP closing title: "Adventure Credits Signature"]

     Composer: Basil George ("Buzz") Adlam (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Bel-Air Music Corp. (ASCAP)

    [Under the title "Adventure"]:
     1978 Publisher: [no ASCAP publisher found]
    [Under the title "Dangerous Assignment Theme"]:
     1978 Publisher: [no ASCAP publisher found]     

    [Under the title "Adventure"]:
     2000 Publisher: Bel-Air Music Corp. (ASCAP)
    [Under the title "Dangerous Assignment Theme"]:
     2000 Publisher: [no ASCAP publisher found]

     Copyright Date: 
     Renewal   Date:


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