Daniel Boone (western, starring Fess Parker)

    (NBC Primetime, 1964 - 1970)

    [Twentieth Century Fox Television produced this series with Fess
     Parker as Daniel Boone, and singer Ed Ames his as Indian friend "Mingo."
     Parker had worn a coonskin cap before in the Disney production of
     Davy Crockett. Ed Ames was one of the vocal group known as "The
     Ames Brothers" and was to go on to sing easy-listening music as
     a solo artist.
     The revival of interest in Daniel Boone may have started with a
     1950 movie named "Young Daniel Boone" produced by Monogram pictures
     with a young David Bruce in the title role.
     Then a 1956 film named "Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer" was produced by 
     Republic Pictures, starring Bruce Bennett, with character actor 
     Lon Chaney in a supporting role.
     During the 1960-61 TV season, Walt Disney had created a 4-part 
     mini-series named "Dan'l Boone" as part of its umbrella series
     "Walt Disney Presents", starring Dewey Martin in the lead role.
     But this 1964 series endured. It lasted 6 seasons, and was a hit
     in the "Action-Western" genre.
     A later series in 1977 named "Young Daniel Boone" was also 
     produced for CBS featuring newcomer Rick Moses in the title role. 
     But unfortunately it only lasted 4 episodes.]

Theme: "Daniel Boone"

    [The opening used a male chorus singing the lyric:
       "Daniel Boone was a man,
        Yes, a bi-i-i-g man...
        With an eye like an eagle
        And as tall as a mountain was he!"
     Although "Vera Matson" was named as the lyricist on sheet
     music and in the BMI database for royalty purposes, that was
     the maiden name of the wife of Ken Darby, a choral director
     who actually penned the lyric. It's not clear why he had
     to use a pseudonym, but no doubt it had to do with a
     contract he signed somewhere. The "Ken Darby Singers"
     sang the theme on the TV soundtrack.]

     Composer(s): music by Lionel Newman (BMI), and
                  lyric by Vera Matson
                 [pseudonym of Ken Darby]

     Original Publisher: Twentieth Century Music Corp.

     2018 Publisher(s): EMI-Hastings Catalog Inc.
                           c/o Sony ATV Publishing
                           of Nashville, TN; and
                        Warner-Tamerlane Publishing
                           of Santa Monica, CA

     Unpublished Copyright Date: July  2, 1964; EU 833 776.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date: Feb. 27, 1992; RE 580 060. 
     Published Copyright Date: Nov.  2, 1964; EP 194 206.
     Published Renewal   Date: Feb. 27, 1992; RE 580 050.


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