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Classic TV Series from 'M' - 'N'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

The M-G-M Parade (film previews & star bios, hosted by George Murphy)

M-Squad (police, starring Lee Marvin)

MacKenzie's Raiders (western, starring Richard Carlson)

+ Madison Square Garden, Sports at -- see The Saturday Night Fights (boxing)

+ The Magical World of Disney -- see Disneyland / Walt Disney Presents / Wonderful World of Color (children)

Make Me Laugh (game show, hosted by Robert Q. Lewis)

Make Room For Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show (sitcom)

     [revival title: "Make Room For Granddaddy"]

The Main Event (boxing highlights, with Rocky Marciano)

+ Major Adams, Trailmaster -- see Wagon Train

Make A Wish (children, hosted by Tom Chapin)

+ Malibu Run -- see The Aquanauts (adventure)

Mama (family drama, starring Peggy Wood)

    [based upon a popular play called "I Remember Mama"]

Man Against Crime (detective drama)

    [Syndicated title: "Follow That Man"]

The Man And The Challenge (adventure, starring George Nader)

The Man And The City (drama, starring Anthony Quinn)

The Man Behind The Badge (police procedural, hosted by Charles Bickford)

A Man Called Shenandoah (western, starring Robert Horton)

The Man Called X (spy drama, starring Barry Sullivan)

The Man From Blackhawk (western)

The Man From Interpol (crime, starring Richard Wyler)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (spy spoof, starring Robert Vaughn and David McCallum)

+ Man Of The West -- see Frontier Doctor (western, starring Rex Allen)

Man Of The World (adventure, starring Craig Stevens)

Man To Man (religion)

The Man Who Never Was (espionage adventure, starring Robert Lansing)

Man With A Camera (crime drama, starring Charles Bronson)

Man Without A Gun (western, starring Rex Reason)

The Mancini Generation (musical variety)

Manhattan Showcase / Places, Please (variety)

Manhunt (police drama, starring Victor Jory)

The Manhunter (crime noir, starring Ken Howard)

Mannix (detective, starring Mike Connors)

Many Happy Returns (sitcom, starring John McGiver)

+ The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (sitcom, starring Dwayne Hickman and Bob Denver)

Mantovani (musical variety)

The March Of Time (news documentary)

    [aka: "The March Of Time Through The Years";
     aka: "Time-Life Specials: The March of Time"]

Marcus Welby, M. D. (medical drama, starring Robert Young)

The Marge and Gower Champion Show (sitcom)

Margie (sitcom, starring Cynthia Pepper)

+ Marie -- see Donny And Marie / The Osmond Family Show (musical variety)

Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama, starring Tom Conway)

    (ABC, 1951 - 1955)

    [original title (1951): "Mystery Theatre"
     aka (1952): "Inspector Mark Saber - Homicide Squad",
     aka (1952): "Homicide Squad",
     Synd title (1955): "The Vise"]

Mark Saber/Saber of London (crime drama, starring Donald Gray)

    (NBC, 1957 - 1961)

    [original title (1957): "Saber of London";
     aka: "Mark Saber";
     Syndicated title: "Detective's Diary"]

Markham (detective, starring Ray Milland)

Mary (comedy variety, starring Mary Tyler Moore)

    [aka: "The Mary Tyler Moore Hour"]

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (soap opera satire, starring Louise Lasser)

    [aka: "Forever Fernwood"]

+ Marshall Dillon -- see Gunsmoke (western, starring James Arness)

The Martha Raye Show (comedy variety)

Martin Kane, Private Eye (detective drama, starring Lee Tracy)

    [aka (1953 -): "The New Adventures of Martin Kane"]
    [Syndicated Title: "Assignment: Danger"]

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (sitcom)

Masquerade Party (panel/quiz)

Master Bridge with Edwin Kantar (cards)

Masterpiece Theatre (theatrical anthology, hosted by Allistair Cooke)

    [aka: "Mobil Masterpiece Theatre";
     aka: "Exxon-Mobil Masterpiece Theatre" ]

The Match Game (game show, starring Gene Rayburn)

    [aka: "Match Game '73/'74/etc." (CBS 1973 - 1979);
     aka: "Match Game P.M." (Syndicated, 1975 - 1981);
     aka: "Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour" (NBC, 1983 - 1984)]

Matinee Theater (anthology, hosted by John Conte)

Matt Helm (detective, starring Tony Franciosa)

Matt Houston (detective, starring Lee Horsley)

Maverick (comedy western, starring James Garner)

Maya (adventure, starring Jay North)

Mayor of the Town (sitcom, starring Thomas Mitchell)

+ McCoys, The -- see The Real McCoys

McCloud (detective, starring Dennis Weaver)

    [alternate title: "Four-In-One: McCloud";
     alternate title: "NBC Mystery Movie: McCloud"]

McCoy (adventure, starring Tony Curtis)

    [alternate title: "NBC Mystery Movie: McCoy"]

McDuff, The Talking Dog (cartoon)

McHale's Navy (sitcom, starring Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway)

McKeever & The Colonel (sitcom, starring Scott Lane & Allyn Joslyn)

McMillan & Wife (police drama, starring Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James)

    [alternate title: "NBC Mystery Movie: McMillan & Wife";
     last season title: "McMillan"]

Medallion Theatre (dramatic anthology)

Medic (dramatic anthology, hosted by Richard Boone)

Medical Center (medical drama)

Meet Corliss Archer (situation comedy, with Lugene Sanders)

Meet McGraw/Adventures of McGraw (crime drama, starring Frank Lovejoy)

Meet Millie (sitcom, starring Elena Verdugo)

+ Meet Mr. McNutley -- see The Ray Milland Show (sitcom)

+ Men At Law -- see Storefront Lawyers (legal drama)

The Men From Shiloh -- see The Virginian / The Men From Shiloh (western)

Men Into Space (adventure)

Men Of Annapolis (military drama)

Men Of Destiny / Milestones of the Century (documentary)

Merrie Melodies (cartoons, from Warner Brothers)

The Merv Griffin Show (daily talk-variety)

+ Merv Griffin's Word For Word -- see: Word For Word (game show)

Mickey Mouse Club, The [#1] (children's variety show, hosted by Jimmie Dodd)

Mickey Mouse Club, The New [#2] (children's variety show)

+ The Mickey Rooney Show -- see Hey, Mulligan (sitcom)

Mighty Mouse Playhouse [and Mighty Mouse cartoons]

Michael Shayne (detective, starring Richard Denning)

(Mickey Spillane's) Mike Hammer [1st series] (detective, starring Darren McGavin)

(Mickey Spillane's) Mike Hammer [2nd series] (detective, starring Stacy Keach)

The Mighty Hercules (cartoon)

+ Mighty Manfred, The Wonder Dog -- see Captain Kangaroo (children)

+ Milestones of the Century -- see Men Of Destiny (documentary)

The Millionaire (dramatic anthology, with Marvin Miller)

    [Rerun & syndicated title: "If You Had a Million"]

+ The Milton Berle Show [1948] -- see Texaco Star Theater

The Milton Berle Show [1966]

+ Milton Berle -- see also The Buick-Berle Show (comedy variety)

+ Milton Berle -- see also The Kraft Music Hall (musical variety)

+ Milton Berle -- see also [NBC] Sunday Showcase (variety)

Mischief Makers (comedy)

The Miss America Pageant (beauty contest, hosted by Bert Parks)

Miss Winslow and Son (sitcom, starring Darleen Carr)

Mission: Impossible (adventure)

+ [Missus] Mrs. G. Goes to College -- see The Gertrude Berg Show (sitcom)

[Mister] Mr. Adams And Eve (sitcom, starring Howard Duff and Ida Lupino)

[Mister] Mr. and Mrs. North (comedy/detective)

[Mister] Mr. Broadway (adventure, starring Craig Stevens)

[Mister] Mr. District Attorney (crime drama)

[Mister] Mr. Garlund (adventure, starring Charles Quinlivan)

   [aka: "The Garlund Touch"]

[Mister] Mr. I. Magination (children, with host Paul Tripp)

[Mister] Mr. Lucky (adventure, starring John Vivyan)

[Mister] Mr. Magoo (cartoon, voiced by Jim Backus)

   [aka: "The Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo"]

[Mister] Mr. Novak (drama, starring James Franciscus)

[Mister] Mr. Peepers (sitcom, starring Wally Cox)

[Mister] Mr. Roberts (sitcom, starring Roger Smith)

[Mister] Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (children)

[Mister] Mr. Terrific (comedy, starring Stephen Strimpell and Dick Gautier)

+ [Mister] Mr. Wizard -- see Watch Mr. Wizard

+ Mobil Masterpiece Theatre -- see Masterpiece Theatre (theatrical anthology)

The Mohawk Showroom (musical variety)

    [aka: "The Morton Downey [Sr.] Show" (1949);
     aka: "The Roberta Quinlan Show" (1949 - 1952)]

Moment Of Fear (suspense anthology)

Mona McCluskey (sitcom, starring Juliet Prowse)

+ Monday Night Football -- see ABC N.F.L. Monday Night Football (sports)

The Monroes (western, starring Barbara Hershey)

Monster Squad (children, starring Fred Grandy)

Monty Python's Flying Circus (comedy variety)

+ The Morton Downey [Sr.] Show -- see The Mohawk Showroom (musical variety)

The Most Deadly Game (crime drama)

The Mothers-In-Law (sitcom, starring Eve Arden)

The Munsters (sitcom)

The Muppets (marionettes-puppets-satire)

    [aka: "The Muppets Show";
     aka: "Muppet Babies";
     aka: "The Jim Henson Hour";
     aka: "Muppet Time";
     aka: "Muppets Tonight!"]

Music Bingo (game show, hosted by Johnny Gilbert)

Music For A Summer Night /...A Spring Night (musical variety)

Musical Comedy Time (musical anthology)

My Favorite Husband (sitcom, starring Barry Nelson)

My Favorite Martian (sitcom, starring Bill Bixby and Ray Walston)

My Favorite Story (dramatic anthology, hosted by Adolphe Menjou)

My Friend Flicka (western, starring Johnny Washbrook)

My Friend Irma (situation comedy, starring Marie Wilson)

My Hero (situation comedy, starring Bob Cummings)

My Little Margie (sitcom, starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell)

My Living Doll (sitcom, starring Bob Cummings)

My Partner, The Ghost (crime show, starring Mike Pratt)

My Sister, Eileen (sitcom, starring Elaine Stritch)

My Three Sons (sitcom, starring Fred MacMurray)

My True Story (dramatic anthology)

Mystery! (umbrella title)

+ Mystery Is My Business -- see Ellery Queen, Adventures of... [2nd series, 1954]

+ Mystery Movie -- see NBC Color Movies (since 1961)

+ Mystery Theatre -- see Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama)

+ N B C Cavalcade of Sports -- see Cavalcade of Sports (boxing)

N B C [Color] Movies (since 1961)

The N B C Follies (variety)

N B C Kaleidoscope (magazine, hosted by Charles Van Doren)

+ N B C Mystery Movie -- see N B C [Color] Movies (since 1961)

+ N B C Mystery Movie -- see also Columbo (detective, starring Peter Falk)

+ N B C Mystery Movie -- see also McCloud (detective, starring Dennis Weaver)

+ N B C Mystery Movie -- see also McCoy (adventure, starring Tony Curtis)

+ N B C Mystery Movie -- see also McMillan & Wife (police drama, starring Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James)

N B C News (weeknight evening news since 1948)

N B C Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

N B C Presents (umbrella series)

+ N B C Project XX -- see Project 20 (documentary specials)

+ N B C Sunday Showcase -- see Sunday Showcase (variety)

N B C Sunrise / Early Today (daytime/news)

+ N F L Football (films) -- see Game Of The Week (ABC Football)

+ N F L Football (late 1960's coverage) -- see C B S N.F.L. Sports Coverage

The Naked City (detectives)

The Name Of The Game (adventure)

Name That Tune (musical quiz)

     [1976 version aka: "The $100,000 Name That Tune"]

Name's the Same, The (quiz)

+ The Nanette Fabray Show -- see Westinghouse Playhouse

+ Nanette Fabray -- see also Caesar's Hour (comedy)

Nanny & The Professor (sitcom, starring Juliet Mills and Richard Long)

The Nat King Cole Show (musical variety)

The National Geographic (specials and series)

National Velvet (children's drama)

Navy Log (military - dramatic anthology)

+ The New Doctors [w/E. G. Marshall] -- see The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

   [aka: "The Doctors"]

New York Confidential (crime drama, starring Lee Tracy)

Newhart (CBS sitcom, starring Bob Newhart)

+ Newhart -- see also "The Bob Newhart Show"

Night Gallery (suspense anthology, hosted by Rod Serling)

    [aka: "Rod Serling's Night Gallery"
     aka: "Four-In-One: Night Gallery"]

The Night Stalker (suspense fantasy, starring Darren McGavin)

    [aka: "Kolchak: The Night Stalker"]

[Ninety] 90 Bristol Court (rotating sitcoms)

    [This was an umbrella title for a 1964 series of three different
     different sitcoms set in the same apartment complex, produced 
     by Revue Studios and aired on NBC, back-to-back Monday nights; 

     The individual sitcoms were
      "Karen"; "Tom, Dick & Mary"; and "Harris Against The World"]

No Time For Sergeants (military sitcom)

Norby (sitcom, starring David Wayne)

Northwest Passage (adventure, starring Keith Larsen)

Not For Hire (crime, starring Ralph Meeker)

Noveltoons (cartoons)

+ Noveltoons -- see also Casper, The Friendly Ghost (cartoons)

+ Noveltoons -- see also Little Audrey (cartoons)

+ Noveltoons -- see also Raggedy Ann & Andy (cartoons)

Now And Then (literature, hosted by Dr. Frank Baxter)

The Nurses (medical drama)

   [aka: "The Doctors and The Nurses"]

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