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Classic TV Series from 'E' - 'G'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

E. S. P. / Tales of E. S. P. (anthology, hosted by Vincent Price)

+ Early Today -- see N B C Sunrise / Early Today (daytime/news)

East Side, West Side (drama, starring George C. Scott)

The Ed Sullivan Show (variety)

     [original title: "The Toast of the Town"]

The Ed Wynn Show (comedy variety)

Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (comedy-variety)

+ Eddie Fisher -- see Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (music show on ABC)

The Eddie Fisher Show (2nd musical variety show on NBC)

Eddy Arnold Time (music)

The Edge Of Night (soap opera)

+ The Edie Adams Show -- see Here's Edie (musical-variety)

The Eighty-Seventh [87th] Precinct (police drama, with Robert Lansing and Norman Fell)

The Eleventh Hour (medical drama)

The Elgin TV Hour (dramatic anthology)

Ellery Queen, The Adventures of... [1st series, 1950] (detective)

Ellery Queen, The Adventures of... [2nd series, 1954] (detective)

    [aka: "Mystery Is My Business"]

Ellery Queen, Further Adventures of... [3rd series, 1958] (detective)

Ellery Queen [4th series, 1975] (detective)

Emerald Point, N.A.S. (drama, starring Dennis Weaver)

Emergency! (medical drama, starring Robert Fuller and Julie London)

Empire / Redigo (drama, starring Richard Egan and Anne Seymour)

Ensign O'Toole (sitcom, starring Dean Jones)

The Ernie Kovacs Show (comedy)

    [aka: "Kovacs Unlimited"]

Escape (drama, hosted by Jack Webb)

Ethel and Albert (sitcom, starring Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce)

Exploring (Saturday documentaries, hosted by Albert Hibbs and Vincent Price)

The Eve Arden Show (sitcom)

+ Eve Arden -- see also Our Miss Brooks

Evening At The Pops (concert music)

+ Evening with Fred Astaire, An -- see Fred Astaire Specials (musical variety)

Eye On New York (public affairs, hosted by Bill Leonard)

Eyewitness News (local news concept used nationally)

Eyewitness To History (news analysis)

+ The Ezio Pinza Show -- see The R C A Victor Show (musical variety)

The F.B.I. (crime, starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.)

F.B.I. -- see also Today's F.B.I. (crime, starring Mike Connors)

F - Troop (sitcom, with Ken Berry and Larry Storch)

F.Y.I. (public affairs)

+ The Fabulous Fraud -- see Colonel Humphrey J. Flack (sitcom, starring Alan Mowbray)

Face The Nation (public affairs)

Fair Exchange (sitcom)

The Adventures of Falcon (espionage adventure, starring Charles McGraw)

Falcon Crest (drama, starring Jane Wyman)

Family Affair (sitcom, starring Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot)

+ Famous Adventures of Mister Magoo -- see Mr. Magoo (cartoon, voiced by Jim Backus)

Fantasy Island (fantasy drama, starring Ricardo Montalban)

The Farmer's Daughter (sitcom, starring Inger Stevens and William Windom)

Fashion Preview (fashion newsreel)

+ The Fast Guns -- see Stories Of The Century (western)

Father Knows Best (situation comedy)

Father Murphy (drama, starring Merlin Olson)

Fearless Fosdick (children)

+ Federal Men -- syndicated title of Treasury Men In Action

Felix, The Cat (cartoons)

Felony Squad (police drama, with Howard Duff and Ben Alexander)

Festival Of Stars (dramatic anthology, hosted by Don Ameche)

+ The Fight Of The Week -- see Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts (boxing)

Fibber McGee and Molly (sitcom, featuring Bob Sweeney and Cathy Lewis)

Files of Jeffrey Jones, The (crime, starring Don Haggerty)

Finder Of Lost Loves (detective drama, starring Tony Franciosa)

Fireside Theatre/Jane Wyman Presents/The Jane Wyman Show (dramatic anthology)

    [Original Title: "Fireside Theatre";

     alternate titles:
     "Jane Wyman Presents Fireside Theatre";
     "Jane Wyman Theatre";
     "The Jane Wyman Show";

     Syndicated titles included:
     "Your - TV Theater" and "The Jane Wyman Show"]

Firestone Hour, The -- see The Voice Of Firestone (music)

Firing Line (discussion, hosted by William F. Buckley, Jr.)

First Love (soap opera)

+ The Fisher Family -- see This Is The Life / Patterns For Living (religioius anthology)

Five Fingers (spy drama, starring James Mason)

Flamingo Road (adventure, starring Howard Duff and Mark Harmon)

Flash Gordon (science fiction)

Flight (documentary, hosted by General George C. Kenney)

The Flintstones (cartoon)

Flipper (children)

Follow The Sun (adventure, starring Barry Coe and Brett Halsey)

+ Follow That Man -- see Man Against Crime (detective drama)

+ Football -- Game of the Week -- see Game of the Week

Football Forecasts (sports, hosted by Frank Leahy)

For Love Or Money (game show, hosted by Bill Nimmo)

For The People (legal drama, starring William Shatner)

For Your Information (documentary)

+ For Your Information -- see also F.Y.I. (public affairs)

Ford Festival Time (musical variety, starring James Melton)

    [aka: "The James Melton Show";
     aka: "The Ford Festival"]

+ The Ford Show -- see The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (musical variety)

Ford Television Theater (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: "Ford Television Theater Hour";
     aka: "Ford Theater";
     aka: "Ford's V-8 Theater"

     also syndicated under the titles:
          "All Star Theatre"; or
          "Your All-Star Theatre"; and
           other titles for local market sponsorship.]

Foreign Intrigue (mystery)

     [aka: "Foreign Assignment"]
     [Other syndicated titles used for later syndication include: 
      Dateline Europe; Overseas Adventure; Cross Current]

+ Foreign Legionnaire -- see Captain Gallant [of the Foreign Legion] (children's adventure, starring Buster Crabbe)

+ Forever Fernwood -- see Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (soap opera satire, starring Louise Lasser)

+ Four-In-One [umbrella title] -- see McCloud (detective, starring Dennis Weaver)

+ Four-In-One [umbrella title] -- see Night Gallery (suspense anthology, hosted by Rod Serling)

Four Just Men (adventure)

Four Star Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

+ Four-Star Revue (4-Star Revue) -- see All-Star Revue (variety umbrella)

+ Frank Leahy and his Football Forecasts -- see Football Forecasts

The Frank Sinatra Show (musical-variety, 1st series on CBS)

The Frank Sinatra Show (musical-variety, 2nd series on ABC)

The Frankie Lane Show (musical-variety)

+ The Fred Allen Show -- see Judge For Yourself (game show)

+ Fred Astaire Premiere Theater -- see Alcoa Premiere

Fred Astaire Specials (musical variety)

    ["An Evening With Fred Astaire" (NBC, 1958) -- won 3 Emmy Awards;
     "Another Evening With Fred Astaire" (NBC, 1959);
     "Astaire Time" (NBC, 1960) -- won an Emmy Award;
     "The Fred Astaire Show" (NBC, 1968)]

The Fred Waring Show (musical variety)

+ Friday Night Fights -- see Cavalcade of Sports (boxing and other sports)

+ Friday Night Fights -- see also Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts / Fight Of The Week (boxing)

+ Friday Night Fights -- see also The Saturday Night Fights (boxing) 

From These Roots (daytime serial)

The Frontier (western anthology)

Frontier Circus (western, with John Derek & Richard Jaeckel)

Frontier Doctor (western, starring Rex Allen)

    [alternate title: "Man Of The West"]

Frontiers Of Faith (religion)

Frosty Frolics (ice skating)

The Fugitive (adventure, starring David Janssen)

Full Circle (daytime drama)

+ Fun At Five -- see Woody Woodpecker (cartoon)

+ Funny World -- see This Funny World (comedy newsreels)

+ The Further Adventures Of... [see title following these words]

Fury (childrens western, starring Peter Graves)

    [Syndicated title: "Brave Stallion"]

The G. E. College Bowl (quiz/panel)

    [aka: "College Bowl";
     aka: "The Campus All-Star Challenge"]

G.E. True (dramatic anthology, starring Jack Webb)

    [Syndicated title: "True"]

The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna (sitcom, starring Gale Storm and ZaSu Pitts)

Gallant Men (war drama)

Game Of The Week (football)

     [aka: "All-American Football Game of the Week"]

+ The Garlund Touch -- see Mr. Garlund (adventure, starring Charles Quinlivan)

Garrison's Gorillas (war drama)

Garroway At Large (musical variety)

The Garry Moore Show [daytime variety show]

The Garry Moore Evening Show [first nighttime variety show]

The Garry Moore Show [second nighttime variety show]

The Garry Moore Show [third nighttime variety show]

+ Garry Moore -- see also I've Got a Secret (quiz/panel)

The Gay Nineties Revue (musical variety, hosted by Joe Howard)

The Gene Autry Show (western)

+ General Electric College Bowl -- see The G. E. College Bowl (quiz/panel)

General Electric Theater (dramatic anthology)

     [originally: "General Electric Theatre of the Air";
      Syndicated title: "Star Showcase"]

General Hospital (soap opera)

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (situation comedy)

     [aka: "Burns and Allen"]

The George Gobel Show (comedy-variety)

The George Jessel Show (musical variety)

The Gertrude Berg Show (sitcom)

    [original title "Mrs. G. Goes To College"]

+ Gertrude Berg -- see also The Goldbergs (sitcom)

Get Set, Go! (variety)

Get Smart (sitcom, starring Don Adams)

Getting Together (sitcom, starring Bobby Sherman and Wes Stern)

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (sitcom, starring Hope Lange)

Ghost Towns of the West (documentary)

Giant Step / Take A Giant Step (game show, starring Bert Parks)

Gidget / The New Gidget (sitcom)

+ Gildersleeve -- see The Great Gildersleeve (situation comedy)

+ Gillette Cavalcade of Sports -- see Cavalcade of Sports (boxing)

Gilligan's Island (sitcom, starring Bob Denver)

+ Girl Alone -- see The Dotty Mack Show (musical pantomime)

Girl Talk (daytime talk, w/first host Virginia Graham)

Give and Take (1952 game show, with John Reed King and Bill Cullen)

Give-N-Take (1975 game show, hosted by Jim Lange)

Glencannon (comedy-adventure, starring Thomas Mitchell)

Glynis (sitcom, starring Glynis Johns)

Go - U.S.A. (children)

The Goldbergs (sitcom, starring Gertrude Berg)

+ The Golddiggers -- see Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers (comedy variety)

The Golden Voyage (travelog)

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (sitcom, starring Jim Nabors)

+ Goodyear Revue -- see Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue

Goodyear Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

     [and in a rotating time slot, "Philco-Goodyear Playhouse"]

+ Goodyear Theater -- see Alcoa - Goodyear Theater (drama)

Grand Jury (crime story)

Grand Ole Opry (country music)

The Gray Ghost (adventure, starring Tod Andrews)

The Great Adventure (historical dramatic anthology, hosted by Van Heflin)

The Great Gildersleeve (situation comedy, starring Willard Waterman)

The Greatest Show On Earth (circus drama, starring Stu Erwin and Jack Palance)

Green Acres (sitcom, starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor)

The Green Hornet (adventure, starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee)

Grindl (sitcom, starring Imogene Coca)

+ Groucho Marx -- see You Bet Your Life/The Best of Groucho (1st quiz on NBC)

+ Groucho Marx -- see Tell It To Groucho (2nd quiz on CBS)

Gruen Theatre (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Gruen Guild Theatre"]
     [aka: "Gruen Guild Playhouse"]
     [aka: "Stars Over Hollywood"]
     [later known as: "Chevron Theatre", which see...]

Guestward Ho! (sitcom)

The Guiding Light (soap opera)

Gulliver [The Adventures of...] (cartoon)

The Gumby Show (children)

The Guns Of Will Sonnett (western, starring Walter Brennan and Dack Rambo)

Gunslinger (western, starring Tony Young and Preston Foster)

Gunsmoke (western, starring James Arness)

     [syndicated title: "Marshal Dillon"]

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