Football Forecasts (sports, with Frank Leahy)

    (CBS Primetime, 1955 - 1956)

    [This 15-minute show was also known as "Frank Leahy and his Football Forecasts".
     Leahy was a famous winning football coach who had led Notre Dame University
     to 107 victories. Leahy analyzed action films of previous games for team's 
     strength and weaknesses as a basis for his forecasts. He also illustrated
     his explanations using the maneuvers of miniature figures on a table-top 
     gridiron. And an animated figure named "Fumble", was used to point up his 
     predictions. The show aired for just two years, and was sponsored 
     by Dupont Antifreeze.]

Theme: "Hoo-ray! For Mister Foot-ball (march)"

    [Above is the title as spelled in the Copyright filing
     AKA: "Hooray for Mr. Football" is the spelling listed in ASCAP.
     Clarence Wheeler also wrote and arranged the TV theme for
     the early TV animated series "Crusader Rabbit"]
     Composers: music by Clarence E. ("Chuck") Wheeler (ASCAP/BMI),
                words by Irving Bibo (ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publishers: T. B. Harms and Co. (ASCAP)
                      of New York

     2018 Publisher: Universal Polygram International Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)
                     of Santa Monica, CA

     Copyright Date: [published band arrangement by Bibo Music, Inc. (ASCAP)]
                     May 2, 1958; EP 118 945.


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