Girl Talk (daytime talk, w/first host Virginia Graham)

    (Syndicated, 1962 - 1970)

    [Syndicated columnist Virginia Graham was the first host of this
     women's talk show produced and distributed by ABC Films; it was
     usually broadcast in the afternoons; after seven seasons Virginia
     Graham left in 1969; Gloria DeHaven and Betsy Palmer were hosts
     during the final season]

Theme: "The Portuguese Washerwomen (Les Lavandieres du Portugal)"

    [above is the instrumental title as it was first known;
     ASCAP title variations...
     aka: "Kiki";
     aka: "Portuguese Washerwoman" (singular);
     aka: "Les Lanvandieres (sic) Du Portugal";

     Apparently "Kiki" is the vocal title; the English lyric
     was added later by Charles Tobias]

     This pop instrumental was a 50s novelty favorite, similar
     in concept (but not sound) to "The Poor People Of Paris"; the
     recording used on the show was by Percy Faith & His Orchestra]

     Composers: music by Andre Charles Jean Popp (French SACEM/ASCAP) and
                Roger Antoine Lucchesi (French SACEM/ASCAP); with
                English lyric added by Charles Tobias (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Editions Paul Beuscher (SACEM) and
                      Remick Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publishers: Editions Paul Beuscher (SACEM)
                         of Paris, France; and
                      Remick Music Corporation (ASCAP)
                         c/o Warner Bros. Inc.
                         of Los Angeles, CA

     Orig. U.S. Copyright Date: 1955, EFO-34913.
     Orig. U.S. Renewal   Date:

    [as "The Portuguese Washerwoman"]:
     Published Piano Arr. Copyright Date: Apr. 23, 1956; EP  99 055.
     Published Piano Arr. Renewal   Date: Aug.  8, 1984; RE-214-955.

        LP: "Passport To Romance"
             Percy Faith and His Orchestra
             Columbia CL 880 (1956)

        CD Reissue: "Passport To Romance" and "Mucho Gusto!"
                     Percy Faith And His Orchestra
                     Collectables COL-CD-6057 (1999)
                     Sony Special Products Sony A-34910

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