Flash Gordon (science fiction)

    (Version One: "Flash Gordon" --
         Syndicated, 1954 - 1958;
         Reruns on the Dumont Network -- Weekends, 195?;

     Version Two: "The New Animated Adventures Of Flash Gordon" --;
         NBC Saturday Mornings, 1979 - 1980;
         NBC Saturday Mornings, 1982 - 1983;

     Version Three: "Flash Gordon" --;
         no information as yet)

    [The legend of the heroic rocketeer began as a newspaper
     comic strip by Alex Raymond whose brother created the very
     popular "Blondie" comic strip using the name Chic Young;

     In 1934 Raymond created his own strip -- "Flash Gordon"
     and later created other comic strips "Jungle Jim" and
     "Rip Kirby" a scientific investigator; After Alex died in
     an automobile accident in 1956, his publishers carried the
     "Flash Gordon" strip on as long as they could until 2001;

     A syndicated "Flash Gordon" radio series was produced by
     the Hearst corporation in 1935 since Hearst newspapers
     carried the comic strip; Radio's first "Flash Gordon" was
     Gale Gordon (who played the perpetually flustered high 
     school principal -- Mr. Osgood Conklin -- on the radio/TV 
     sitcom "Our Miss Brooks" starring Eve Arden); After only
     a few episodes of "Flash Gordon" a new cast was assembled
     in New York by the Hearst papers who weren't satisfied 
     with the original; Only 26 radio epsiodes aired 1935--1936;

     More successful were the 2-reel theatrical serials produced
     by Universal Pictures between 1936 and 1940; Three series 
     of episodes starred Larry "Buster" Crabbe; Filmed episodes 
     of these 20-minute theatrical shorts were sometimes shown
     on early television as part of local movie shows or as 
     "fillers" on weekends;

     In 1954 a joint venture of American, French and German
     film companies produced a syndicated television series
     filmed in Germany which was distributed in the US by the
     company "Motion Pictures For Television (MPTV)". The
     series starred Steve Holland in the title role of Flash;
     Irene Champlin played the female interest Dale Arden... 
     and Joseph ("Joe") Nash played scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov; 
     This live-action series not only aired on local stations 
     via nationwide syndication, but also on the East Coast
     Dumont Network briefly;

     In 1979, an animated cartoon version was produced by Norm
     Prescott and Lou Scheimer for Filmation Associates, for
     the NBC Saturday Morning lineup; This flashy cartoon was
     called "The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon" --
     aka "Flash Gordon" for short...It aired for one season
     and was re-run in the 1982/83 season;

     In 1980, Dino DeLaurentis put together a movie released by
     Universal Studios, scored by the British choral rock group 
    "Queen"; Sam Jones played "Flash"; It might have done better
     box office if this kind of thing was done in the Disco 1970s;

     Finally in 1996 another attempt was made to produce an
     animated version directed by Norman LeBlanc for a Canadian 
     Company using French animators; Little is known about this
     effort...or whether it aired on US television at all]

Theme (Version 1, 1954 - 1958): "Flash Gordon (Sig)"

    [above is the title as it appears in the 2001 ASCAP database;
     French TV composer Roger Roger got screen credit on episodes 
     as supplier of "incidental music" for the series]

     Composer: Roger Roger (French SACEM/ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publisher [listed without publisher in the 1978
                     ASCAP Index of Performed Compositions]

     2001 Publisher: [listed without publisher in the 2001
                      ASCAP ACE Database; newer compositions
                      represented by R F T Music Publishing Corp. (BMI)
                      c/o Thomas J. Valentino of Elmsford, NY]

     US Copyright Date:
     US Renewal   Date:


Theme (Version 2, 1979 animated series): "Flash Gordon Theme (Op/Cl Titles)"

    [above is title as it appears in the 2001 ASCAP ACE database;
     ASCAP Alternate Titles...
     aka: "Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe"]

     Composers: Yvette H. Blais (ASCAP) and
                Norman ("Norm") Prescott (ASCAP)
               [also producer of the series]

     2001 Publisher: RHI Television Music Co. (ASCAP)
                        c/o WB Music Corp. 
                        a div. of Warner-Chappell Music, Inc. 

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date: 


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