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Classic TV Series from 'T' - 'V'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

+ T - Men In Action -- see Treasury Men In Action

+ The T V Club -- see Don McNeill's TV Club (variety)

+ T V Soundstage -- see Campbell Playhouse / Campbell Soundstage (dramatic anthology)

The Tab Hunter Show (sitcom)

+ Take A Giant Step -- see Giant Step (game show, starring Bert Parks)

Tallahassee 7000 (police drama, starring Walter Mathau)

+ Tales of E. S. P. -- see E. S. P. (anthology, hosted by Vincent Price)

Tales Of The Texas Rangers (western anthology)

Tales of Wells Fargo (western, starring Dale Robertson)

+ Talent Scouts -- see Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (talent)

The Tammy Grimes Show (sitcom)

Target (dramatic anthology, hosted by Adolphe Menjou)

Target: the Corruptors (newspaper drama)

Tarzan [#1] (theatrical serials on TV, starring Johnny Weismuller)

Tarzan [#2] (NBC adventure series, starring Ron Ely)

Tarzan [#3] (CBS cartoon series)

    [aka: "Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle" (1976 - 1977);
     aka: "Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour" (1977 - 1978);
     aka: "Tarzan and the Super 7" (1978 - 1980);
     aka: "The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour" (1980 - 1981);
     aka: "The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour" (1981 - 1982)]

Tate (western, starring David McLean)

Ted Mack's Matinee (daytime variety)

+ Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour -- see Original Amateur Hour

Telephone Time (dramatic anthology)

    [Syndicated titles: "Curtain Time" and "Star For Today"]

Telesports Digest (weekly sports news, narrated by Harry Wismer)

Tell It To Groucho (quiz, with Groucho Marx)

    [CBS sequel to NBC's "You Bet Your Life", which see]

+ Teller Of Tales -- see Somerset Maugham Theatre (dramatic anthology)

+ Ten Four -- see Highway Patrol (police drama)

The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (musical variety)

+ Tennessee Ernie Ford -- see also The Kollege Of Musical Knowledge (game)

+ The Terrible Ten -- see The Little Rascals

Terry And The Pirates (adventure, starring John Baer)

+ Terry-Toons -- see Barker Bill's Cartoon Show (cartoons)

+ Terry-Toons [Mighty Manfred] -- see Captain Kangaroo (children)

+ Terry-Toons -- see Heckle And Jeckle (cartoons)

+ Terry-Toons -- see The Hector Heathcote Show (cartoons)

+ Terry-Toons -- see Mighty Mouse Playhouse [and Mighty Mouse cartoons]

+ Terry-Toons [Tom Terrific] -- see Captain Kangaroo (children)

Texaco Star Theater/The Milton Berle Show (comedy/variety)

+ Texaco Star Theater/Milton Berle Show -- see also The Buick-Berle Show

+ Texaco Star Theater -- see also The Donald O'Connor Show / Here Comes Donald (sitcom/comedy-variety)

+ Texaco Star Theater -- see also The Jimmy Durante Show (comedy-variety)

The Texan (western, starring Rory Calhoun)

Texas (soap opera)

That's Hollywood (documentary, hosted by Jack Haley, Jr.)

That's Incredible (reality show)

That's My Boy (sitcom, starring Eddie Mayehoff and Gil Stratton, Jr.)

They Stand Accused (courtroom drama)

Then Came Bronson (adventure, starring Michael Parks)

The Thin Man (detective, starring Peter Lawford and Phyllis Kirk)

The Third Man (international intrigue, starring Michael Rennie)

This Funny World (comedy newsreels)

This Is Alice (sitcom)

+ This Is Hollywood -- see So This Is Hollywood (sitcom)

This Is Show Business (panel/variety, hosted by Clifton Fadiman)

    [original title: "This Is Broadway"]

This Is Somerset / Another World in Somerset / Somerset (soap opera)

[First season title: "Another World in Somerset"]

This Is The Life / The Fisher Family / Patterns For Living (religioius anthology)

This Is Your Life (biography, hosted by Ralph Edwards)

This Man Dawson (police drama, starring Keith Andes)

+ This Morning -- see Dick Cavett Show [#1] (ABC Morning talk/interview)

This Week In Baseball (sports report)

Those Amazing Animals (documentary)

Those Whiting Girls (sitcom, starring Barbara and Margaret Whiting)

The Three Stooges (comedy shorts)

Thriller (suspense anthology, hosted by Boris Karloff)

    [aka: "Boris Karloff Presents 'Thriller'"]

The Thrillseekers (documentary, hosted by Chuck Connors)

+ Thursday Night [at the] Movies -- see CBS Color Movies (since 1961)

Tic Tac Dough! / The New Tic Tac Dough! (game show)

The Tim Conway Show [#1] (1970 sitcom)

The Tim Conway Comedy Hour / Show [#2] (1970 comedy-variety)

The Tim Conway Show [#3] (1980 comedy-variety)

+ Tim Conway -- see also Ace Crawford, Private Eye (1983 sitcom)

+ Tim Conway -- see also Rango (1967 sitcom)

The Time Tunnel (sci-fi, starring James Darren)

Tightrope! (police drama, starring Mike Connors)

+ Timmy and Lassie -- see Lassie (adventure)

Time For Beany / Beany and Cecil (puppet/cartoon)

    [1962 cartoon series title: "The Beany and Cecil Show"]

To Tell The Truth (quiz show)

+ The Toast of the Town -- see Ed Sullivan Show, The

The Today Show (weekday morning news & interviews)

+ Today -- see also N B C Sunrise / Early Today (daytime/news)

Today's F.B.I. (crime, starring Mike Connors)

Tom And Jerry (cartoons)

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (sci-fi, starring Frankie Thomas)

+ Tom, Dick and Mary -- see [Ninety] 90 Bristol Court (rotating sitcoms)

The Tom Ewell Show (sitcom)

+ Tom Terrific [and Mighty Manfred] -- see Captain Kangaroo (children)

Tomahawk / Radisson (western adventure)

Tombstone Territory (western, starring Pat Conway)

Toni Twin Time (comedy variety, starring Jack Lemmon)

Tonight! (comedy variety, with Steve Allen)

Tonight! (comedy, with Ernie Kovacs)

Tonight! America After Dark [with Jack Lescoulie] (late-night talk-variety)

Tonight! America After Dark [with Al "Jazzbo" Collins] (late-night talk-variety)

Tonight: The Jack Paar Tonight Show (late-night talk-variety)

The Tonight Show [with guest hosts, and Skitch Henderson Orchestra] (late-night talk-variety)

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (late-night talk-variety)

Tonight On Broadway (drama)

The Tony Martin Show (music)

The Tony Randall Show (sitcom)

Top Of The Hill (serial drama, starring Wayne Rogers, Elke Sommer and Adrienne Barbeau)

Top Secret [British] (espionage adventure)

Top Secret U.S.A. (espionage adventure, starring Paul Stewart and Gena Rowlands)

Topper (situation comedy, with Leo G. Carroll)

Trackdown (crime, starring Robert Culp)

+ Trails West -- see Death Valley Days (western adventure)

The Travels of Jamie McPheeters (western, starring Kurt Russell)

Treasure (travelogue, with Bill Burrud)

Treasure Isle (game show, hosted by John Bartholomew Tucker)

Treasure Hunt (game show, hosted by Jan Murray)

Treasury Men In Action [aka: T-Men In Action] (crime drama)

     [Syndicated Series Title: Federal Men]

The Trouble With Father (situation comedy, with Stu Erwin)

    [original title: "Life With The Erwins", then
     aka: "The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father", and then
     aka: "The New Stu Erwin Show"]

+ True -- see G.E. True (dramatic anthology, hosted by Jack Webb)

Truth or Consequences (quiz show)

     [aka: "The New Truth or Consequences", in 1977]

Tugboat Annie (comedy-adventure, starring Minerva Urecal and Walter Sande)

     [aka: "The Adventures of Tugboat Annie"]

The Turning Point (dramatic anthology)

Twelve O'Clock High (adventure, starring Robert Lansing)

[Twentieth] The 20th Century/The 21st Century (documentary)

[Twenty] 20 Questions (quiz/panel show)

Twenty-One (quiz show)

[Twenty-One] 21 Beacon Street (private eye, starring Dennis Morgan)

[Twenty-Six] 26 Men (western)

+ 20/20 [Twenty-Twenty] -- see A B C 20/20 (news magazine)

The Twilight Zone (fantasy/science fiction anthology, hosted by Rod Serling)

Two Faces West (western, starring Charles Bateman)

     [original title: "The Brothers January"]

Two For The Money (quiz show)

The Tycoon (sitcom, starring Walter Brennan)

The U. N. In Action (public affairs)

+ U. S. A. Canteen -- see The Jane Froman Show (musical variety)

+ U. S. Border Patrol -- see Border Patrol (law enforcement, starring Richard Webb)

+ U. S. Marshal -- see The Sheriff of Cochise (modern western)

The U. S. Steel Hour (dramatic anthology)

Uncle Al (children, hosted by Al Lewis)

Undercurrent (dramatic anthology)

Underdog (cartoon, voiced by Wally Cox)

Union Pacific (western, starring Jeff Morrow)

+ Universal Star Time -- see The Chrysler Theatre

Untamed World (travelogue, narrated by Phil Carey)

The Untouchables (crime drama, starring Robert Stack)

Valentine's Day (sitcom, starring Tony Franciosa)

Valiant Lady (daytime serial)

Victory At Sea (documentary)

Video Village (game show)

+ Vincent Lopez -- see Dinner Date with Vincent Lopez (musical variety)

The Virginian / The Men From Shiloh (western)

+ The Vise -- see Mark Saber Mystery Theatre (crime drama)

The Voice Of Firestone (music)

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (adventure, starring Richard Baseheart)

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