The Virginian / The Men From Shiloh (western)

    ("The Virginian" on NBC Primetime, 1962 - 1970;
     "The Men From Shiloh" NBC Primetime, 1970 - 1971)

    [The series was the first ninety-minute western. It originally
     was called "The Virginian" starring James Drury and Doug McClure;

     In 1970 the series was re-designed as "The Men From Shiloh"
     with new owners of the ranch, and a cast lead by Stewart Granger,
     and a new THEME written by Spaghetti Western composer Morricone.]

Theme 1: "The Virginian, from 'The Virginian'"

    [above is the title as filed for copyright;
     aka: "The Virginian Theme";
     aka: "Theme from 'The Virginian'";
     aka: "The Virginian";
     aka vocal title: "Lonesome Tree"
     aka vocal title: "The Virginian:Shilo Ranch"]

     Composer: music by Percy Faith (ASCAP), with
               lyrics added by Richard ("Dick") Manning (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Northern Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: MCA/Northern Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP),
                        a div. of Universal Studios,
                        of Los Angeles, CA

    [as "The Virginian (from 'The Virginian')"]:
     Instrumental Copyright Date: Sep. 19, 1962; EU 738 206.
     Instrumental Renewal   Date: Nov. 21, 1990; RE-497-555.

    [as "Lonesome Tree"]:
     Vocal Copyright Date: Jul.  5, 1963; EU 778 060.
     Vocal Renewal   Date: Sep. 18, 1991; RE-541-874.


Theme 2: "Take A Look Around (from 'The Best Man' for 'Men From Shiloh')"

    [above is title as filed for copyright...ASCAP title variations
     aka: "Take A Look Around";

     THEME credit in Ray Clark TV Theme collection]

     Composers: music by David Lee Shire (ASCAP/BMI),
                lyric by Richard Maltby, Jr. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Leeds Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2002 Publisher: Universal-On Backstreet Music (ASCAP) 
                        c/o Univeral-MCA Music Publishing
                        a div. of Universal Studios, Inc.
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date: Jul. 30, 1970; Eu 196 810.
     Renewal   Date: Jan.  8, 1998; RE-777-832.


Theme 3: "The Men From Shiloh (Theme)"

     Composer: Ennio Morricone (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Hawaii Music Co., Inc. (BMI)

     2001 Publisher: Duchess Music Corporation (BMI),
                        a div. of Duchess/Hawaii Music,
                        c/o MCA Music,
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: Jan. 4, 1971; Eu 225 511.
     Renewal   Date: Mar. 3, 1999; RE-806-762.


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