Tell It To Groucho (quiz, with Groucho Marx)

     (CBS Primetime, 1962)

     [This was a short-lived sequel to NBC series: 
      "You Bet Your Life" which had a very similar format -- a
      quiz show used as the pretext for Groucho's ad lib humor]

Theme: "Groucho's Pad"

    [above is the BMI title on cue sheets in the Meakin estate;
     original title...
     aka: "All Roads Lead To Athens";

     Identified as the THEME for the CBS series "Tell It To Groucho"
     in papers in the Meakin estate. Other correspondence between
     Jack Meakin and his attorney regarding an infringement claim
     from a man in Kentucky, mention that this original THEME
     melody is adapted from a 1959 Meakin composition titled
     "All Roads Lead To Athens" -- which was the opening number
     of a musical stage production Meakin co-wrote called "The 
     Money Machine" (with lyrics by Bob England.) 

     Jack Meakin auditioned the piece for Groucho's producer 
     John Guedel, who approved using it as the series THEME for
     "Tell It To Groucho." No information as to whether Meakin
     mentioned he was re-cylcing it from an older composition.]

     Composer: Jack Meakin (ASCAP/BMI)
              [professional name of John Brunker Meakin]

     1978 Publisher: [unknown]

     1999 Publisher: 

     Copyright Date: 1959
     Renewal   Date:


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