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Classic TV Series from 'A' - 'B'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

+ The Adventures of...

    [for all series whose titles begin this way, 
     see the words following "The Adventures of";

     i.e.: for "The Adventures of Hiram Holiday", see
     "Hiram Holiday, The Adventures of"; and
     for "The Adventures of Superman", see "Superman"]

+ 0 - 999

    [for series titles which begin with numerals, such as
     "77 Sunset Strip", etc....look under the equivalent alphabetic
     listing, with numerals spelled out, as in "Seventy-Seven..."]

A B C [network] Color Movies (since 1961)

+ A B C Mystery Movie -- see also Columbo (detective, starring Peter Falk)

A B C News (weeknight news since 1953)

    [see also: "A B C 20/20" (news magazine)]

A B C News Reports (documentary)

ABC N.F.L. Monday Night Football (sports)

[aka: "ABC Monday Night Football";

     aka: "Monday Night Football"]

A B C Presents / Quest For Adventure (documentary)

+ A B C Press Conference -- see Issues and Answers (public affairs)

A B C Stage 67 (dramatic anthology of plays)

A B C 20/20 [Twenty-Twenty] (news magazine)

A B C's Wide World of Sports

The Abbott and Costello Show (slapstick/comedy)

Adventure (educational, hosted by Charles Collingwood)

About Faces (game show, hosted by Ben Alexander)

+ Ace Drummond -- see Squadron of Doom (adventure, starring John "Dusty" King)

Accidental Family (sitcom, starring Jerry Van Dyke)

Across The Seven Seas (travelog, hosted by Jack Douglas)

Action In The Afternoon (western, starring Jack Valentine)

Adam-12 (police drama)

The Addams Family (situation comedy)

Admiral Broadway Revue (musical variety)

Adventure (educational, hosted by Charles Collingwood)

Adventures In Paradise (adventure, starring Gardner McKay)

Adventures Of A Model (unsold sitcom pilot, starring Roxanne Arlen)

+ The Adventures of...

    [for all other series whose titles begin this way, 
     see the words following "The Adventures of";

     i.e.: for "The Adventures of Hiram Holiday", see
     "Hiram Holiday, The Adventures of"; and
     for "The Adventures of Superman", see "Superman"]

+ The Affairs of China Smith -- see China Smith (adventure, starring Dan Duryea)

African Patrol (adventure) starring John Bentley

Air Power (documentary)

The Al Pearce Show (comedy variety)

The Alan Young Show (comedy variety)

The Alaskans (adventure, starring Roger Moore)

Alcoa - Goodyear Theatre (drama)

The Alcoa Hour (dramatic anthology)

Alcoa Premiere (dramatic anthology, with host Fred Astaire)

    [aka: "Fred Astaire Premiere Theater"]

Alcoa Presents/One Step Beyond (paranormal anthology)

The Aldrich Family (situation comedy)

Alfred Hitchcock (suspense anthology)

    [aka: "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955 - 1962);
     aka: "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (1962 - 1965)]

Alias Smith & Jones (western, starring Ben Murphy and Peter Duel)

+ Alice -- see This Is Alice (sitcom)

+ All-American College -- see Your All-American College Show (talent contest)

+ All-American Football Game of the Week -- see Game of the Week

+ All Around Towne -- see The Dennis O'Keefe Show

All My Children (soap opera)

All-Star Revue / Four-Star Revue (comedy variety)

    [original title "Four-Star Revue" (or "4-Star Revue")]

+ All Star Theatre -- see Ford Television Theater

The Alvin Show (cartoons)

+ Amateur Hour, Ted Mack's -- see The Original Amateur Hour

The Amazing Mr. Malone (crime drama, starring Lee Tracy)

America [#1 - 1964] (travelog, hosted by Jack Douglas)

American Bandstand (dance party, hosted by Dick Clark)

+ American Bandstand -- see also The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show

+ American Scene Magazine -- see The Jackie Gleason Show

The American Sportsman (sports)

The Amos 'n' Andy Show (situation comedy)

The Andy Griffith Show (sitcom)

    [Reruns and Syndicated Alternate Title: "Andy of Mayberry"]

The Andy Williams Show (musical variety)

+ Andy's Gang -- see Smilin' Ed's Gang (children)

    [aka: "Smilin Ed McConnell, and the Buster Brown Shoe Gang"]

Angel (sitcom, starring Annie Farge and Marshall Thompson)

+ Animal Kingdom -- see Animal World (documentary)

Animal World (documentary)

    [original title: "Animal Kingdom with Lorne Greene";
     aka: "Animal Kingdom";
     aka: "Bill Burrud's Animal World"]

The Ann Sothern Show (situation comedy)

+ Ann Sothern -- see also Private Secretary (sitcom, with Ann Sothern and Don Porter)

+ Annapolis -- see Men Of Annapolis (military drama)

Annie Oakley (western, starring Gail Davis)

    [original title first 2 seasons: "Annie Oakley and Tagg"]

Another World (soap opera)

+ Another World -- see also Somerset / Another World in Somerset (soap opera)

+ Another World -- see also Texas (soap opera)

Anyone Can Win (quiz, hosted by Al Capp)

Appointment With Adventure (dramatic anthology)

Apple's Way (family drama)

The Aquanauts (adventure)

    [aka: "Malibu Run"]

The Archie Show / The New Archies (cartoon)

    ["The Archie Show":                 1968 - 1969;
     "The Archie Comedy Hour":          1969 - 1970;
     "Archie's Funhouse":               1970 - 1971;
     "Archie's TV Funnies":             1971 - 1973;
     "Everything's Archie":             1973 - 1974;
     "The U.S. of Archie":              1974 - 1976;
     "The New Archie-Sabrina Hour":     1977 - 1977;
     "The Bang-Shang Lalapalooza Show": 1977 - 1978;
     "The New Archies":                 1987 - 1989]

Armstrong Circle Theatre (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: "Armstrong Theatre Of The Air";
     aka: "Circle Theatre"]

Arrest and Trial (legal drama, starring Ben Gazzara and Chuck Connors)

The Arrow Show (comedy variety, starring Phil Silvers)

    [aka: The Phil Silvers Arrow Show;
     aka: Arrow Comedy Theatre]

+ The Art Baker Show -- see You Asked For It

+ Art Linkletter's Hollywood Talent Scouts -- see Celebrity Talent Scouts

The Art Linkletter Show (game show)

Art Linkletter's House Party (variety/interview)

    [aka: The Linkletter Show]

Arthur Godfrey and his Friends (musical variety)

Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (talent)

+ Arthur Hailey's "Hotel" -- see Hotel (dramatic anthology, starring James Brolin)

The Arthur Murray Party (ballroom dancing)

As The World Turns (soap opera)

The Asphalt Jungle (police drama)

+ Assignment: Danger -- synd. title of Martin Kane, Private Eye

Assignment: Foreign Legion (dramatic anthology)

+ At The Movies -- see Siskel & Ebert [At the Movies] / Sneak Previews

Atom Squad (science fiction, starring Bob Hastings)

Authors' Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

The Avengers / New Avengers (adventure, starring Patrick MacNee)

Bachelor Father (sitcom, starring John Forsythe)

+ The Bachelors -- see It's A Great Life (sitcom)

Back That Fact (game show)

The Baileys Of Balboa (sitcom)

The Band Of America (music, with Paul Lavalle)

Banacek (detective, starring George Peppard)

The Barbara Stanwyck Show (dramatic anthology)

Barker Bill's Cartoon Show (cartoons)

The Baron (international intrigue, starring Steve Forrest)

Bat Masterson (western, starring Gene Barry)

Batman (adventure, starring Adam West and Burt Ward)

+ Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour -- see Tarzan (cartoon series)

Be Our Guest (musical variety)

The Beachcomber (adventure, with Cameron Mitchell)

+ Beany and Cecil -- see Time For Beany (puppet/cartoon)

Beat The Clock (quiz show, with Bud Collyer)

The Bell Telephone Hour (music)

Ben Casey (medical drama, starring Vince Edwards)

+ Berle -- see Texaco Star Theater/The Milton Berle Show

+ The Best of Groucho -- see You Bet Your Life (quiz)

The Best Of The Post (dramatic anthology)

Best Sellers (rotating NBC mini-series)

Betty Boop (cartoons)

The Betty Hutton Show (sitcom)

Between The Wars (documentary, narrated by Eric Sevareid)

Beulah (sitcom, starring Ethel Waters & Louise Beavers)

Bewitched (sitcom, starring Elizabeth Montgomery)

+ Beyond The Limits -- see Science Fiction Theater (anthology)

Biff Baker, U.S.A. (espionage drama, starring Alan Hale, Jr.)

+ Big Brother Bob Emery -- see The Small Fry Club (children)

+ The Big Event -- see NBC Color Movies (since 1961)

The Big Party (variety, hosted by Rock Hudson)

    [original title: "The Big Party by Revlon"]

The Big Payoff (quiz show)

The Big Record (musical variety, hosted by Patti Page)

The Big Story (dramatic anthology)

The Big Surprise / The $100,000 Big Surprise (quiz, hosted by Jack Barry and Mike Wallace)

The Big Top (circus)

Big Town (newspaper drama)

     [Dumont ran re-runs under the name: "City Assignment")
     [Syndicated titles included: "Byline: Steve Wilson", 
      "Headline", and "Heart of the City"]

The Big Valley (western, starring Barbara Stanwyck)

+ Bilko -- see The Phil Silvers Show (sitcom)

+ Bill Burrud -- see Animal World (documentary)

+ Bill Burrud -- see Safari To Adventure / Bill Burrud's Safari To Adventure (documentary)

+ Bill Burrud -- see Wanderlust / Bill Burrud's Wanderlust (travelog)

The Bill Dana Show (situation comedy)

The Billy Daniels Show (musical variety)

The Bing Crosby Show (sitcom)

Biography (profile, hosted by Mike Wallace)

Black Beauty (children)

    [aka: "The Adventures of Black Beauty"]

Black Saddle (western, starring Peter Breck)

+ Blind Date (Dumont version) -- see Your Big Moment / Blind Date (game show)

Blondie [first version, 1957] (sitcom)

Blondie [second version, 1968] (sitcom)

The Blue Angels (adventure)

The Blue Knight (police drama, starring George Kennedy) 

+ Blue Ribbon Bouts -- see Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts / Fight Of The Week (boxing) 

+ Blue Ribbon Classics -- see Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts / Fight Of The Week (boxing)

Bob and Ray (comedy)

    [aka: "The Bob and Ray Show";
     aka: "Club Embassy";
     aka: "Club Time"]

The Bob Crosby [Daytime] Show (variety)

The Bob Cummings Show (1955-59) (situation comedy)

    [re-run and syndicated title: "Love That Bob!"]

The Bob Cummings Show (1961-62) (comedy-adventure)

+ Bob Cummings -- see also My Hero (situation comedy)

+ Bob Cummings -- see also My Living Doll (situation comedy)

+ Bob Emery -- see The Small Fry Club (children)

+ Bob Hope Presents... -- see The Chrysler Theatre

The Bob Hope Show (comedy-variety specials)

The Bob Newhart Show [#1] (NBC comedy-variety)

The Bob Newhart Show [#2] (CBS sitcom)

+ The Bob Newhart Show [#3] -- see Newhart (CBS sitcom)

Bold Journey (network travelog)

The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

    ["The Doctors":     1969 - 1972;
     "The New Doctors": 1972 - 1973;
     "The Lawyers":     1969 - 1972;
     "The Protectors":  1969 - 1970;
     "The Senator":     1970 - 1971]

Bold Venture (adventure, starring Dane Clark)

Bonanza (western family adventure)

Boots and Saddles (western)

Border Patrol (law enforcement, starring Richard Webb)

+ Boris Karloff Presents "Thriller" -- see Thriller (suspense anthology)

Boston Blackie (detective, starring Kent Taylor)

Bourbon Street Beat (detective, starring Richard Long)

+ The Box Brothers -- see The Brothers (situation comedy)

+ Boxing -- see Cavalcade of Sports (boxing and other sports)

+ Boxing at Madison Square Garden -- see The Saturday Night Fights (boxing)

Bozo The Clown (children)

    [aka: "Bozo's Big Top"]

Bracken's World (studio drama)

The Brady Bunch (sitcom)

Brains and Brawn (game show)

Branded (western, starring Chuck Connors)

Brave Eagle (western, starring Keith Larson)

+ Brave Stallion -- see Fury (children's Western)

Break The Bank (quiz show)

    [1956 - 1957 title: "Break The $250,000 Bank"]

The Breakfast Club (daytime variety, with host Don McNeill)

Breaking Point (medical drama)

Bride And Groom (weddings)

A Brighter Day (soap opera)

Bringing Up Buddy (sitcom, starring Frank Aletter)

Broadway Open House (comedy, with hosts Jerry Lester & Morey Amsterdam)

    [Network television's first late-night variety show, produced  
     by Pat Weaver, a predecessor to his 1954 "Tonight Show"]

+ Broadway Revue -- see Admiral Broadway Revue (musical variety)

Broken Arrow (western, starring Michael Ansara)

Bronco (western, starring Ty Hardin)

+ Bronco -- see also Warner Brothers Presents

The Brothers (situation comedy)

The Brothers Brannagan (detectives)

+ The Brothers January -- see Two Faces West (western, starring Charles Bateman)

The Buccaneers (adventure, starring Robert Shaw)

Buckskin (western, starring Tommy Nolan)

Buffalo Bill Jr. (childrens western, starring Dick Jones)

The Bugs Bunny Show (cartoons, including other WB characters)

    [aka: "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour";
     aka: "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show"]

The Buick-Berle Show (comedy variety)

    [Milton Berle's 2nd network TV variety show, 
     subsequent to "Texaco Star Theater"]

+ Bullwinkle -- see Rocky And His Friends/The Bullwinkle Show

Burke's Law / Amos Burke, Secret Agent (spy adventure, starring Gene Barry)

+ Burns & Allen -- see George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, The

Bus Stop (dramatic anthology)

+ Buster Brown's Gang -- see Smilin' Ed's Gang (children)

    [aka: "Smilin Ed McConnell, and the Buster Brown Shoe Gang"
     aka: "Andy's Gang", starring Andy Devine]

+ Byline: Steve Wilson -- see Big Town (newspaper drama)

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