The Bob Cummings Show / Love That Bob (situation comedy)

    (First run on NBC Primetime, 1955;
     CBS Primetime, 1955 - 1957;
     NBC Primetime, 1957 - 1959;
     Re-run on ABC daytime, 1959 - 1961 under title "Love That Bob!";
     Syndicated under title "Love That Bob!")

    [ which Cummings plays a photographer and bon vivant,
     with his sidekick assistant "Schultzy" played by Ann B. Davis,
     and his sister Margaret played by Rosemary De Camp...each
     episode began with Bob Cummings holding a camera and saying,
    "Hold it! I think you're gonna like this picture", and
     snapping the shutter of the flash camera...;

     This is the SECOND of FOUR sitcoms starring Bob Cummings;
     NOTE: This series was also known in Daytime re-runs on the 
           ABC Network and later in Syndication under the title 
          "Love That Bob";

     The FIRST series was "My Hero" (NBC, 1952-53) which see;
     The THIRD series was ALSO called "The Bob Cummings Show" 
        (CBS, 1961-62) which see; and
     The FOURTH series was "My Living Doll" (CBS, 1964 - 1965), 
         which see.]

Orig. Series & Re-run Theme 1: "A Romantic Guy, I"

     Contributor Mark Koldys has researched the themes
     of this show and has verified that this was the original
     series theme used as early as 1955 on the CBS show using
     airchecks with that date on them.
     The tune was also heard on the NBC version of the show.
     It had been published in 1941, and one published version
     of the sheet music had the "Fred Waring" group on
     the cover. The registrations below indicate that all 3
     writers were involved in composing both words & music.
     Composers: Frank Stanton (ASCAP)
               [professional name of Francis Hayward Stanton],
                Del Sharbutt (ASCAP), and
                Richard R. Uhl (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Surrey Music Co. (ASCAP); and
                      Rathvon Music (ASCAP)

     1999 Publishers: Surrey Music Co. (ASCAP)
                         of Franklin, TN; and
                      Rathvon Music (ASCAP)
                         of Briarcliff Manor, NY
    [1st registration]:
     Copyright Date: Feb. 1, 1941; EP 93 024.
     Renewal   Date:          
    [2nd registration/renewal; According to the renewal
     notice this has the same registration number
     as in the February registration above...but
     lists an original April registration date]: 
     Copyright Date: April 14, 1941; EP 93 024.
     Renewal   Date: April 15, 1968; R 433 842.

          LP: "The Swing's to TV"
               Bud Shank & Bob Cooper with Strings and Rhythm
               World Pacific Records WPM-411 / LP 1002 (1958)

          LP: "Great Themes from TV Shows"
               The Metropolitan Jazz Quartet (led by Lou Garisto)
               MGM E-3729 (1958)

Syndicated Theme for "Love That Bob" (Theme 2): "The Bob Cummings Show Theme"

     Gene Le Grande was the credited Music Director on the "Bob 
     Cummings Show" during its original network runs. It was a stage
     name for Mahlon Merrick who also worked as the Music Director
     for Jack Benny. Gene (Jean) was his first wife's name, and 
     Legrand was his middle name.
     This theme in Merrick's catalog was used during part or all
     of the syndication runs.

     Composer: Gene Le Grande (ASCAP/BMI)
              [pseudonym of Mahlon Legrand Merrick]

     Original Publisher: [unknown, but may have been Byron Music (BMI)]

     1999 Publisher: Palisades Music Publishing Company (BMI)
                        of Tampa, Florida

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

         original in the MUTEL Music Service; also re-cycled in
                  in The Capitol "Q" Series library from
                  Capitol Records Special Products:

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