Black Saddle (western, starring Peter Breck)

    (NBC Primetime, 1959;
     ABC Primetime, 1959 - 1960)

Theme: "Black Saddle Theme"

     [aka: "Black Saddle Main Title";
      above is title in ASCAP Database; Since both Morton and
      Goldsmith changed to BMI affiliation, the title in the 
      BMI database is "Black Saddle Main Title"...but there
      is only an ASCAP publisher listed. 
      Since Jerry Goldsmith was working for a rival studio at
      the time, he used the name of his Brother-in-law as a
      pseudonym on this work for Four-Star Productions.]

     Composers: Arthur Morton (ASCAP/BMI), and
                J. Michael Hennagin (ASCAP)
               [pseudonym of Jerrald ("Jerry") Goldsmith]

     1978 Publisher: B N P Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
     1988 Publisher: Bibo Music Publishers (ASCAP)
     2001 Publisher: Universal Polygram International 
                                        Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)
                       c/o Universal Music Publishing Group,
                       a div. of Universal Studios,
                       of Los Angeles, CA
    ["Main Title" included in "Music Folio from 'Black Saddle'" 
     which was filed for copyright on the following dates:]

     Copyright Date: June 10, 1960; Eu 628 214.
     Renewal   Date: Dec. 12, 1988; RE-404-807.

          LP: "Impact"
               Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra
               in arrangements by Ray Martin
               RCA-Victor LPM/LSP-2042 (1959)

          CD Re-issue: "Impact"
               Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra
               in arrangements by Ray Martin.
               BMG (Spain) 74321609942 (1998)

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