Another World (soap opera)

     (NBC Daytime, 1964 - 1999)

     [This was the creation of Proctor and Gamble who also produced
      and owned "The Edge of Night"; so these began as "soap" operas
      in every sense of the word -- in the tradition of the great old 
      warhorses of radio -- when soap operas were melodramas sponsored
      by actual soap companies (!);

      This series, set in the fictional area of "Bay City, IL", was
      ostensibly about "the world of feelings" as opposed to what was
      referred to as "the real world of events"; so this soap opera 
      had a psychological undertone (but then don't they all... :-) 
      Irma Phillips was the first producer of the series for P & G;

      Performances of original songs aired during 1980s episodes -
      a trend nearly "soap-operatic", when it seemed as if every
      young couple that ever came together had their "own love song"
      which one character sang to another; eventually these found a
      way onto a CD or two...handy for cross-promotion;

      In 1970, television history was made when the first soap-opera 
      spin-off aired, eventually called "Somerset" (name of a city in 
      the fictional region of "Bay City".) "This Is Somerset" was the
      series spun off from "Another World"; But first -- just to make 
      sure viewers got the benefit of the connection with its parent
      series -- it was given the awkward title of "Another World in 
      Somerset" during its first season of 1970 - 1971 and both the
      parent series and its spin-off shared the same THEME that season;

      But producers needn't have worried, because "Somerset" quickly
      evolved its own characters and plots which were quite different 
      than "Another World" and developed a following for a six year run;

      Another spin-off's followed in 1979, called "Texas"; It was a
      period costume series set in the ante-bellum (pre civil- war) 
      years...a novel idea for a soap, but it lasted only until 1982...

      All in all, Another World was able to break new ground in several
      areas during its amazing 35-year run, capturing a legion of fans
      who are still heartbroken at its demise;

      David Jackson's Daytime Soap Opera Web Page has more detailed
      information about visual look of the openings and other facts at]

Theme 1 (1964 - 1975): "Another World Theme"

    [above is the title as registered below; This THEME was also
     used on the spin-off series "This Is Somerset" during its first
     season when it was called "Another World In Somerset"...]

     Composer: Charles F. Paul (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)
     2001 Publisher: [not found in the 2001 ASCAP ACE database]

     Copyright Date: Apr. 27, 1964; Eu 822 925.
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 2 (1975 - 1981): "Another World Theme"

[Israel was owner and president of Score Productions, Inc. which produced music for the series; The actual writer who created this as a "work for hire" is unknown at this time.]
     Composer: Robert ("Bob") Israel (BMI)
              [professional name of Robert Arnold Israel]

     1978 Publisher: Score Productions, Inc. (BMI)
     2001 Publisher: [not found in the 2001 ASCAP ACE database
                      or the BMI Repertoire Database]

     Copyright Date: Feb. 17, 1977; EU 773 437.
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 3 (1981 - 1986): "Another World Theme"

[Previously we believed the above name to be a play on the name of the pseudonymous author of self-help books "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" -- perhaps a pseudonym created by the team of Arthur Rubinstein (BMI) and Robert Arnold Israel (BMI), owner and president of Score Productions, Inc); But this speculation proved NOT to be true. In fact, the real Jonathan L. Segal did EMail us on June 8, 2004 to correct this notion -- he confirmed he is a real person, who did at one time work for Robert A. Israel, and is now rightly getting the credit for this theme he indeed composed during the early 1980's.]
     Composer: Jonathan L. Segal (BMI)

     1978 Publisher: Score Productions, Inc. (BMI)
     2001 Publisher: The Flatbush Music Co. (BMI)
                        c/o Score Productions, Inc.
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 4 (1986 - circa 1995): "Another World : Theme"

    [above is title as registered below...
     Vocal title: "(You Take Me Away To) Another World" 
     ASCAP instrumental title...
        aka: "Another World (Opening/Closing Theme)";

     This vocal THEME was performed on the air as a duet
          by Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris]

     Composers: music by Ralph Dion Schuckett (ASCAP), with
                music & lyric by John Leffler (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Fountain Square Music Publishing Company, Inc. (ASCAP)
                        c/o Signature Sound, Inc.
                        of New York, NY

     Composition Date: 1986;
     Copyright Date: June 15, 1987; PAu-975-529.


Theme 5 (circa 1995 - 1999): "Another World Theme"

     Composer: Dominic Anthony Messinger (BMI)

     2001 Publisher: Riverfront Music Publishing Co. (BMI)
                        c/o Signature Sound, Inc.
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:


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