Be Our Guest (musical variety)

    (CBS Primetime, 1960)

    [this variety series featured the music of the Glenn Miller
     Orchestra under the direction of Ray McKinley; hosts were
     George De Witt and Keefe Brasselle]

Theme: "Moonlight Serenade"

    [THEME of the "Glenn Miller Orchestra" from Big Band days;

     Big band trivia: Before this composition had the title of
    "Moonlight Serenade" it had at least three other titles and
     two other sets of words;

     Miller first composed the tune as part of his studies with
     a well-known music theory teacher named Joseph Schillinger
     who taught a mathematical "system" for composing music -- 
     known as the "Schillinger Method" of composition;

     Miller first composed this tune around 1935 while he was
     studying with Schillinger; Originally the tune had no name;
     it was just a student composition written to show his teacher
     how he had applied what he learned;

     But it was a nice ballad tune, and Miller's friend Eddie
     Herman wrote a set of words to it by the morose title of
    "Now I Lay Me Down To Weep"; 

     Later another lyric was attempted by George Simon entitled
    "Gone With The Dawn"; But this title and lyric didn't click
     with anyone either; 

     Miller did arrange the tune for his band, and bandmembers 
     remember the chart as an instrumental with the title of just
    "Miller's Tune" on their parts; It was so popular it was becoming 
     the band's THEME song; 

     So finally lyricist Mitchell Parish was asked to come up with
     a set of words to fit "Miller's Tune." Along with the lyric
     he wrote, was his title for it -- "Moonlight Serenade" -- and 
     and it has been known by that title ever since]

     Composers: music by Glenn Miller (ASCAP) and
                lyric by Mitchell Parish (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Robbins Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: EMI-Robbins Catalog, Inc. (ASCAP)
                       c/o EMI Music Publishing, Inc.
                       of New York, NY

     Composition Date [as "Moonlight Serenade"]: 1939

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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