A B C's Wide World of Sports (sports coverage)

    (ABC, 1961 - present)

Themes 1 - 2 (1961 - 1966): [unknown names (under investigation)]

    [At least two other THEMEs preceded the well-known Charles Fox 
     THEME composed in 1966, but their titles and composers are 
     unknown at this time...]
     Composers: under investigation

     1978 Publisher:
     Copyright Date:

Theme 3 (circa 1966): "Wide World of Sports"

    [Above is the title as filed for copyright;

     aka: BMI alternate titles: "W.W.O.S. Theme"; 
     aka: "A B C's Wide World of Sports";
     aka: "Wide World Of Sports Theme"]
    [Oddly enough, on the CD "Television's Greatest Hits Vol. 2", composer
     credit is given to Irving Robbin and Jack Shaindlin, neither of
     which actually wrote the music. Sometimes on demo tapes writing
     credit is given to producer and president of Score Productions,
     Robert Israel. But the real composer of this dramatic descriptive
     THEME was actually Charles Fox, writing on commission for "Score
     Productions" of New York. Shaindlin may have been the orchestrator.

     This is substantiated in an interview with Irving Robbin in
     February, 2000 (at the age of 82) where he discusses his role in 
     selecting cues and producing music for series on radio and TV. 
     Mr. Robbin admitted, "Although...I am indeed registered in BMI as 
     composer of the 'Wide World Of Sports' THEME, I in fact served as 
     music producer and recording director for it. Charlie Fox, who 
     composed it, and I went to London where I directed the recording 
     and editing sessions..."

      -- from an interview at the URL (December 8, 2000):
      Credited writers on registration application:
                      Charles Fox (BMI), and
                      Irving Robbin (BMI)
                     [pseudonym of Irving Rabinowitz]
      Credited writer in BMI database: Irving Robbin (BMI)
                                       [pseudonym of Irving Rabinowitz]        

     Composers: music by Charles Fox (BMI),
                addtl. writing credit by Irving Robbin (BMI)
                     [pseudonym of Irving Rabinowitz], and
                orchestration by Jack Shaindlin (BMI)

     1978 Publisher: [unknown]
     2000 Publisher: Script Music Co. (BMI),
                       c/o Score Productions, Inc.,
                       of New York, NY
     Copyright Date: Oct.  4, 1967; EU  17 851.
     Renewal   Date: Apr. 19, 1995; RE-701-806.

          CD - "Television's Greatest Hits (Vol. II) (1986)
                TVT Records TVT 1200 CD

Theme 4 (1989): "New 'Wide World of Sports' Theme"

    [above is title as filed for copyright;
     BMI title: "Wide World Of Sports"
     In copyright records, this is credited to Kalehoff as "a 
     work for hire", on commission from A B C Circle Music, Inc.]

     Composer: Edd Kalehoff (BMI)
              [professional name of Edward Woodley Kalehoff]

     2000 Publisher: A B C Circle Music, Inc. (BMI),
                       of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: June 26, 1989; PAu-1-258-557.

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