All My Children (soap opera)

    (ABC Daytime, 1970 - 2011)

    [This series had a 41-year long run on ABC, and an attempt to restart it in
     a Web format on "The Online Network" in 2013 only lasted a couple of months.
     The series was conceived by Agnes Nixon who had been the head writer on the
     venerable "Guiding Light." In contrast, "AMC" focused on young love and had
     a lighter touch compared to some of the more somber soap sagas.
     Its cast included actress Susan Lucci, who became an icon of the genre,
     playing the character "Erica Kane", along with many other characters who 
     lived in a fictional Pennsylvania suburb named "Pine Valley."]

Theme 1 (1970 - 1989): "All My Children"

    [Although originally an instrumental, a lyric was
     added for the printed sheet music, although not performed
     on the show itself.]

     Composer(s): music by Dina Dore Paul (BMI), and
                  lyric added by Carlina Francesca Paul (BMI)

     Original Publisher: A B C-Circle Music Inc. (BMI)
                            of Burbank, CA
     2018 Publisher: Songs of Universal Inc. (BMI)
                       of Santa Monica, CA
     Composition Date: 1969.

     Instrumental Copyright Date: Nov. 14, 1969; EU 148 463.
     Instrumental Renewal   Date: 
     Vocal Copyright Date: Apr. 7, 1970; EU 173 881.
     Vocal Renewal   Date: 


Theme 2 & 4 (1990 - 1994, and 2002 - 2011): "All My Children Theme"

    [above is the title as registered for copyright; 
     other titles include the following:
    "All My Children Closing Theme"; and
    "We Are the Love We Give".
     After an 8-year hiatus while another THEME (#3 below) was used, this one
     returned in both a vocal version (for the open) and an instrumental 
     version (for the close.) Composer Bob Israel was president of the firm
     "Score Productions" that supplied many ABC-TV themes including its
     famous "World News Tonight" theme.]

     Composers: Robert ("Bob") Israel (BMI)
               [professional name of Robert Arnold Israel], and
                Billy Barber (BMI) [sometimes uncredited]

     2018 Publisher: A B C-Circle Music Inc. (BMI)
                            of Burbank, CA

     Copyright Date: Apr. 30, 1990; PAu 1-362-740.
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 3 (1995 - 2002): "All My Children Opening and Closing Theme"

    [aka: "All My Children Opening Theme", and
     "All My Children Closing Theme]

     Composer(s): David Bryan Benoit (BMI)

     2018 Publisher: A B C-Circle Music Inc. (BMI)
                            of Burbank, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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