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Classic TV Series from 'R' - 'S'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

The R C A Victor Show (musical variety)

    [aka: "The R C A Victor Show starring Ezio Pinza" (1951 - 1952);
     aka: "The Ezio Pinza Show";

     aka: "The R C A Victor Show starring Dennis Day" (1952 - 1954);
     aka: "The Dennis Day Show"]

R. C. M. P. (police drama)

Racket Squad (crime drama)

Rafferty (medical drama, starring Patrick McGoohan)

+ Radisson -- see Tomahawk / Radisson (western adventure)

Raggedy Ann & Andy (cartoons)

Ramar Of The Jungle (adventure, starring Jon Hall)

The Range Rider (western, starring Jock Mahoney)

Rango (sitcom, starring Tim Conway)

The Rat Patrol (adventure, starring Christopher George)

The Ray Anthony Show [#1] (musical variety)

The Ray Anthony Show [#2] (musical variety)

The Ray Bolger Show: Where's Raymond? (musical sitcom)

The Ray Milland Show / Meet Mr. McNutley (sitcom)

Rawhide (western, starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood)

The Reading Room (children's books, hosted by Ned Hoopes)

The Real McCoys (sitcom, starring Walter Brennan and Richard Crenna)

    [last season title: "The McCoys"]

Real People / More Real People (reality show)

The Rebel (western, starring Nick Adams)

Rebound (dramatic anthology)

The Red Buttons Show (comedy variety)

    [and: "The New Red Buttons Show"] 

+ Red Buttons -- see also The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (sitcom)

The Red Rowe Show (daytime variety)

The Red Skelton Show (comedy variety)

    [aka: "The Red Skelton Hour"]

+ Redigo -- see Empire (drama, starring Richard Egan and Anne Seymour)

Reilly: The Ace Of Spies (adventure, starring Sam Neill)

Remington Steele (detective, starring Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist)

Rescue 8 (adventure, starring Jim Davis and Lang Jeffries)

The Restless Gun (western, starring John Payne)

+ Return of The Saint -- see The Saint (spy adventure)

+ Return To Peyton Place -- see Peyton Place (serial drama)

The Revlon Revue (variety) [frequent hostess Peggy Lee]

    [aka: "Revlon Presents..."; and the final
     few episodes were titled "The Revlon Spring Music Festival"]

Rex Humbard / Cathedral Of Tomorrow (religion)

Rheingold Theater (dramatic anthology)

The Richard Boone Show (dramatic anthology)

Richard Diamond, Private Detective (detective, starring David Janssen)

    [Syndicated title: "Call Mr. D"]

The Rifleman (western, starring Chuck Connors)

Rin Tin Tin, The Adventures of (western)

Rip-Cord (adventure)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not (documentary)

Riverboat (western, starring Darren McGavin)

The Road Of Life (soap opera)

The Road Runner (cartoons)

+ Road Runner Cartoons -- see also The Bugs Bunny Show (cartoons)

The Road West (western, starring Barry Sullivan and Andrew Prine)

The Roaring Twenties (drama, starring Rex Reason and Donald May)

Robert Montgomery Presents (dramatic anthology)

     [first-season title: "Lucky Strike Theater"]

The Robert Q. Lewis Show (comedy-variety)

+ Robert Q. Lewis -- see The Show Goes On (talent show)

+ Robert Taylor's Detectives -- see The Detectives (police drama)

+ The Roberta Quinlan Show -- see The Mohawk Showroom (musical variety)

Robin Hood, The Adventures of (starring Richard Greene)

Robinson Crusoe, The Adventures of (starring Robert Hoffman)

+ Rocket Rangers -- see Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers (children's sci-fi)

Rocky And His Friends/The Bullwinkle Show (cartoons, created by Jay Ward)

    [Reruns and Syndicated Title: "Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"]

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (sci-fi, starring Richard Crane)

Rocky King, Detective / Inside Detective (crime drama, starring Roscoe Karns)

    [original title: "Inside Detective";
     aka: "Rocky King, Inside Detective"]

Rod Rocket (cartoon)

Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers (children's sci-fi)

+ Rod Serling -- see The Twilight Zone

+ Rod Serling -- see Night Gallery (suspense anthology)

The Rookies (police drama)

Room 222 (drama, starring Lloyd Haynes)

The Rosemary Clooney Show / The Lux Show (musical variety)

    [aka: "The Lux Show Starring Rosemary Clooney"]

The Rough Riders (western, starring Kent Taylor)

The Rounders (sitcom, starring Patrick Wayne and Chill Wills)

Route 66 (adventure, starring George Maharis and Martin Milner)

Roy Rogers Show, The (western, with Dale Evans)

The Ruggles (sitcom, starring Charlie Ruggles and Erin O'Brien)

Run, Buddy, Run (sitcom, starring Jack Sheldon)

+ Russ Morgan -- see In The Morgan Manner (musical variety)

+ Saber Of London -- see Mark Saber/Saber of London (crime drama, starring Donald Gray)

Safari To Adventure (documentary)

    [aka: "Bill Burrud's Safari To Adventure"]

Sam Benedict (legal drama, starring Edmond O'Brien)

The Saint/Return of The Saint (spy adventure)

Saints and Sinners (newspaper drama, starring Nick Adams)

San Diego/Local TV Themes

+ San Francisco Beat -- see The Line-Up (police drama)

Sanford Arms (sitcom, starring Teddy Wilson)

+ Satellite Patrol -- see Space Patrol (sci-fi/children, starring Ed Kemmer and Lyn Osborn)

+ The Saturday Evening Post -- see The Best Of The Post (dramatic anthology)

+ Saturday Night At The Movies -- see NBC Color Movies (since 1961)

The Saturday Night Fights (boxing)

    [aka: "Sports from Madison Square Garden";
     aka: "Boxing from Madison Square Garden"]

Say When!! (game show, hosted by Art James)

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (dramatic anthology)

    [alternate title: "Lux Playhouse";
     syndicated title: "Herald Playhouse"]

Science All-Stars (educational, hosted by Don Morrow)

Science Fiction Theater (anthology, with host Truman Bradley)

    [alternate Second Run Syndication
     title in the 1960's: "Beyond The Limits"]

Science Marches On! (documentary shorts)

Scott Music Hall (musical variety, hosted by Patti Page)

Screen Directors' Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

Sea Hunt (adventure, starring Lloyd Bridges)

Search For Tomorrow (soap opera)

Seaway (adventure, starring Steve Young)

The Second Hundred Years (sitcom, starring Monte Markham)

The Secret Storm (soap opera)

See It Now (public affairs, with Edward R. Murrow)

+ The Senator [w/Hal Holbrook] -- see The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

Sense And Nonsense (children's quiz, hosted by Bob Kennedy)

+ Sergeant Bilko -- see You'll Never Get Rich/The Phil Silvers Show (sitcom)

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (adventure, starring Richard Simmons)

     [aka: "Challenge of the Yukon"]

Serpico (police drama, starring David Birney)

Seven Keys (quiz, with host Jack Narz)

Seven League Boots (travelogue, narrated by Jack Douglas)

The Seven Lively Arts (cultural series, hosted by John Crosby)

[Seventy-Seven] -- 77 Sunset Strip (detective drama)

The Shari Lewis Show (children)

+ Shenandoah -- see A Man Called Shenandoah (western, starring Robert Horton)

The Sheriff of Cochise / U. S. Marshal (modern western)

Sherlock Holmes [series #1] (mystery, starring Ronald Howard)

    (Syndicated, 1954)

Sherlock Holmes [series #2] (mystery, starring Geoffrey Whitehead)

    (PBS, 1966)

Sherlock Holmes [series #3] (mystery, starring Jeremy Brett)

    (PBS, 1984)

Shirley Temple Theatre (children's anthology series on NBC)

Shirley Temple's Storybook (children's anthology specials on NBC)

    [ABC weekly rerun title: "The Shirley Temple Show"]

Shotgun Slade (western, starring Scott Brady)

Short Story Dramas (dramatic anthology, hosted by Ruth Woods)

    [aka: "Short Story Theatre"]

The Show Goes On (talent show, hosted by Robert Q. Lewis)

Show Time (variety)

+ Show Wagon -- see The Swift Show Wagon (musical variety, hosted by Horace Heidt)

Shower Of Stars (musical variety, with host William Lundigan)

Showtime U. S. A. (musical variety)

Sid Caesar Invites You (comedy variety)

+ Sid Caesar -- see Admiral Broadway Revue (musical variety)

+ Sid Caesar -- see Caesar's Hour (comedy variety)

+ Sid Caesar -- see Your Show of Shows (with Imogene Coca)

Sierra (adventure)

Sign-Off Themes (on local stations)

The Silent Force (federal agents, starring Ed Nelson and Lynda Day George)

The Silent Service (military drama, hosted by Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers)

Sing Along With Mitch (musical variety)

Sing It Again (musical quiz)

[The Adventures of] Sir Lancelot (adventure, starring William Russell)

Siskel & Ebert [At the Movies] / Sneak Previews (film reviews)

The $64,000 Question (quiz, hosted by Hal March)

    [...and other Revlon-sponsored spin-offs:
     as "The $ 64,000 Challenge"(CBS Primetime, 1956 - 1958);
     as "The $128,000 Question" (Syndicated,    1976 - 1978)]

Sky King (children's adventure) starring Kirby Grant

Slattery's People (drama, starring Richard Crenna)

The Small Fry Club (children, hosted by "Big Brother" Bob Emery)

Smilin' Ed's Gang / Andy's Gang (children)

    [aka: "Smilin Ed McConnell, and the Buster Brown Shoe Gang";
     aka: "Andy's Gang", starring Andy Devine]

The Smith Family (sitcom, starring Henry Fonda)

The Smothers Brothers Show [#1] (sitcom)

The Smothers Brothers Show [#2] (comedy-variety)

    [aka: "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" (on CBS);
     aka: "The Smothers Brothers Summer Hour" (on ABC)]

The Smothers Brothers Show [#3] (comedy-variety, on NBC)

+ Sneak Previews -- see Siskel & Ebert [At the Movies] (film reviews)

So This Is Hollywood (sitcom)

Soldiers Of Fortune (adventure, starring John Russell)

Somerset / Another World in Somerset / This Is Somerset (soap opera)

    [First season title: "Another World in Somerset"]

Somerset Maugham Theatre (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: "Teller of Tales"]

+ Son Of Zorro -- see Zorro (western)

Sons Of Hercules (action adventure)

Songs For Sale (music contest)

The Soupy Sales Show (comedy)

+ Soupy Sales -- see also: Lunch With Soupy Sales (comedy)

+ Space Cadet -- see Tom Corbett, Space Cadet

Space Patrol (sci-fi/children, starring Ed Kemmer and Lyn Osborn)

    [Syndicated title: "Satellite Patrol"]

Special Agent 7 (adventure, starring Lloyd Nolan)

Special Edition (documentary, hosted by Barbara Feldon)

The Speidel Show (comedy, with Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney)

+ Spotlight Playhouse -- see also Fireside Theatre/Jane Wyman Presents/The Jane Wyman Show (dramatic anthology)

Squad Car (police drama)

Squadron of Doom / Ace Drummond (adventure, starring John "Dusty" King)

Staccato (police drama, starring John Cassavetes)

    [original series title: "Johnny Staccato"]

Stage Show (musical variety, hosted by Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey)

+ Stage 67 -- see A B C Stage 67 (dramatic anthology of plays)

Stage Two Revue (musical variety, hosted by Georgia Lee)

Stagecoach West (western, starring Wayne Rogers)

Stanley (sitcom, starring Buddy Hackett with Carol Burnett)

+ Star For Today -- see Telephone Time (dramatic anthology)

+ Star Showcase -- see General Electric Theater (dramatic anthology)

Star Trek (science fiction, starring William Shatner)

    [...and sequel series]

Stars Over Hollywood (dramatic anthology)

+ Stars Over Hollywood -- see also Gruen Theatre (dramatic anthology)

State Trooper (police drama, starring Rod Cameron)

The Steve Allen Show [#1] (comedy variety)

    (CBS Primetime, 1950 - 1951;
     CBS Daytime,   1951 - 1952)

The Steve Allen Show [#2] / Sunday Show (comedy variety)

    (NBC Sunday Nights, 1956 - 1960)

The Steve Allen Show [#3] / Westinghouse (talk show)

    (ABC, 1962 - 1964)

+ Steve Allen -- see also Tonight! (comedy variety, with Steve Allen)

Steve Allen's Laughback (comedy variety, hosted by Steve Allen)

Steve Canyon (adventure, starring Dean Fredericks)

Steve Donovan, Western Marshal (western, starring Doug Kennedy)

     [aka: "Western Marshal";
      aka: "Steve Donovan -- Western Ranger";
      aka: "Steve Donovan"]

Stoney Burke (western, starring Jack Lord)

Stop The Music (quiz show, hosted by Bert Parks)

Storefront Lawyers / Men At Law (legal drama)

Stories Of The Century (western, starring Jim Davis)

    [original series title: "Outlaws Of The Century";
     also recycled later as: "The Fast Guns"]

The Stork Club (musical variety)

The Story Of... (documentary)

The Stranger (adventure, starring Bob Carroll)

+ Streets of Danger -- see The Lone Wolf

Strike It Rich (quiz show)

+ The Stu Erwin Show -- see The Trouble With Father

+ Stu Erwin -- see also The Greatest Show On Earth

Studio One (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Westinghouse Studio One", "Summer Theatre" and "Westinghouse Summer Theatre"]

Studio 57 (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Heinz Studio 57"]

+Stump The Stars -- see Pantomime Quiz (charades, hosted by Mike Stokey)

Sugarfoot (western, starring Will Hutchins)

+ Sugarfoot -- see also Warner Brothers Presents

Summer Matinee (Dumont Network anthology, hosted by Bill Silbert)

Summer Playhouse (CBS anthology)

+ Summer Theatre -- see Studio One

[NBC] Sunday Showcase (variety)

Super Circus (children)

Superman, The Adventures of (adventure, starring George Reeves)

Superman, The New Adventures of (children)

    [1966 - 1967 title: "The New Adventures of Superman";
     1967 - 1968 title: "The Superman-Aquaman Hour of Adventure";
     1968 - 1969 title: "The Batman-Superman Hour of Adventure"
     1970 Sunday rerun title: "The Adventures of Batman"]

Surfside 6  (detectives, starring Troy Donahue)

Survival (documentary, narrated by James Whitmore)

Susan's Show (children)

+ Susie -- see Private Secretary (sitcom, with Ann Sothern and Don Porter)

Suspense (dramatic anthology)

     [Series 1: live on CBS Primetime, 1949 - 1954]
     [Series 2: filmed on CBS Primetime, 1964, with 
      host Sebastian Cabot]

Suspicion (suspense anthology, from Alfred Hitchcock)

[SWAT] S.W.A.T. (police drama, starring )

Sweet Success (documentary, hosted by Jack Douglas)

The Swift Show (musical variety, featuring Lanny Ross)

    [aka: "The Lanny Ross Show"]

The Swift Show Wagon (musical variety, hosted by Horace Heidt)

    [aka: "Show Wagon"]

Switch (detective, starring Eddie Albert and Robert Wagner)

Sword of Freedom (adventure) starring Edward Purdom

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