Racket Squad (crime drama)

    (Syndicated, 1950; 
     CBS Primetime, 1951 - 1953;

Opening Theme 1: "Racket Squad Main Title"

    [aka: "Racket Squad Theme";

     Papers in the composer's estate including cue sheets and a 
     license agreement with "Showcase Productions" at Hal Roach 
     studios, all verify that Alexander Laszlo supplied music 
     for the first nine (9) episodes of "Racket Squad" including
     the Racket Squad "Main Title" opening music; this would have
     been during the time it was first syndicated in 1950, before
     being picked up by the CBS network; Even though Laszlo's opening
     cue with it's strong three-note statement was heard later, it was
     listed on cue sheets attributed to David Gordon's pseudonym
     Melvyn Lenard, and later to Leon Klatzkin music editor; it's
     probable that this mistake was not caught in time for credit
     on subsequent cue sheets, but ASCAP eventually corrected it;

     Researcher Paul Mandell found a cue sheet listing the Laszlo
     MT as only :08 seconds, which would have been only enough time
     for two statements of the opening three-note motif; So it's
     probable that this cue from Laszlo was edited onto another 
     cue from a different source for the longer Main Title visual 
     sequence that was aired;

     In contrast to Laszlo's usual practice, this cue does not  
     have a "Structural Music" library number, so apparently this
     recognizable three-note figure was "retired" so it was not 
     available via his library for other productions;

     Whatever this cue was, it may have originated in a pre-1945 
     B-picture scored by Laszlo. Two possibilities are scores from: 
     "The Glass Alibi" (Republic) and "Follow That Woman" (Paramount
     Studios) from which other interior cues licensed to "Racket Squad" 
     were derived...or even from one of the "Charlie Chan" movies that
     Laszlo scored during the same period; 

     A total of only six cues were licensed by Laszlo for the series 
     first nine shows. The 5 other cues which were part of the same 
     license to "Showcase Prod." for Racket Squad were only used as
     interior cues for episode scoring; they were:

     1. "Chula" [aka: "Mexican Tango"] 
                              from "Structural Music" Vol.  3 # 5x14
     2. "Explanation"         from "Structural Music" Vol.  4 #16x26
     3. "In Angry Mood"       from "Structural Music" Vol.  9 #10x20
     4. "Serious Dialogue"    from "Structural Music" Vol. 15 #16x27
     5. "No Escape From Fate" from "Structural Music" Vol. 15 #16x28

     Composer: Alexander Laszlo (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Sandor Totis]

     Original Publisher: Guild Publications (ASCAP)

     1997 Publisher: The Regents of the University of California
                        of Oakland, CA, on behalf of [o/b/o]
                        Alexander Publications (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Closing Theme 2: "Parade Of The Chessmen"

    [The first publisher of this work was David Gordon's Marlen
     Music Company, which may be one reason Gordon's pseudonym
     Melvyn Lenard was listed at one time on cue sheets as composer
     of the THEME; After this march became so popular that Gordon
     published band and organ sheet music of it, he credited the
     actual composer -- the tireless workhorse Joe Mullendore]

     Composer: Joseph ("Joe") Mullendore (ASCAP/BMI)

     Original Publisher: Marlen Music Company (ASCAP)

     1997 Publisher: Gordon Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP)

     Creation Date: 1955, in folio book from Gordon Music

     Copyright Date: March 29, 1955; EP  88 432.
     Renewal   Date: Sep.  30, 1983; RE 177 488.

          From the MUTEL music library
               [original version]

          78rpm reference disks in the Capitol "Q" Series library
               Q-12: cut 3: Theme No. 6 - LONG VERS.(Dramatic-March)
               Q-3:  cut 1: Theme No. 6 - OPENING (Dramatic-March)
               Q-3:  cut 2: Theme No. 6 - CLOSING (Dramatic-March)

          LP - "Impact" (1959)
               RCA-Victor LPM/LSP-2042 
               by Buddy Morrow and his orchestra, with
               arrangements by Ray Martin

Opening Theme(s) 3: "Racket Squad Main Title"

    [aka: "Delusions" in the MUTEL Music Service library]

    [Author Paul Mandell of Brooklyn, NY, has researched the
     ASCAP Cue sheets filed with early and later episodes of this

     The first 7 episodes list Alexander Laszlo as composer of
     the :08 second opening part of the Theme #1 (above.) Later
     episodes have three music cues used during the opening --
     (:18), (:05), and (:05) seconds -- all with the same title, 
     crediting "Melvyn Lenard" as the composer. This name was a
     pseudonym for publisher David Gordon, whose Gordon Music
     Company published some of MUTEL's music under the name
     Marlen Music. Later, Leon Klatzkin's name was substituted
     in the ASCAP repertoire database. Klatzkin was the music
     editor for David Chudnow's MUTEL Music Service.

     Paul Mandell says the original MUTEL library title was
     "Delusions". Mandell says he has compared the later episode 
     Theme(s) 3 with the Opening Theme 1, written by Laszlo, and 
     has found it to be the identical music. 

     The probable explanation is that this cue was edited into 
     smaller pieces used during the later season opening. So the 
     psuedonym "Melvyn Lenard" was used for MUTEL to collect ASCAP 
     royalties during later seasons of the series until this mistake
     was rectified;

     This researcher did an exhaustive search of both Laszlo's 
    "Structural Music" manuscripts, or business files in the Laszlo 
     estate; and did not locate a cross-reference to any cue in 
     Laszlo's "Structural Music" library which he used for re-cycling
     cues, so it may have been retired after its use on Racket Squad]

     Composer: originally credited to Melvyn Lenard (ASCAP)
                  [pseudonym of publisher David Marvin Gordon], and
               later credited to Leon Klatzkin (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Marlen Music Co. (ASCAP)

     1997 Publisher: Bourne Company (ASCAP)
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

          From the MUTEL Music library
               [original version]
          78rpm transcriptions in the Capitol "Q" Series library
               Q-171: cut 3: THEME No. 428 - OPENING (Mystery)
               Q-171: cut 4: THEME No. 428 - CLOSING (Mystery)
               Q-190: cut 2: MOOD  No. 428 (Mystery)

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