Rafferty (medical drama, starring Patrick McGoohan)

    (CBS Primetime, 1977)

    [Patrick McGoohan was a talented veteran actor and writer who 
    appeared in (and wrote) episodes of Columbo. He has an on-screen
    presence which makes you wonder about what he might do next.
    Although born in the U.S., McGoohan's parents moved with him to Ireland
    where he was raised. He became a fixture of British television, starring
    as a secret agent in the ITV series "Danger Man."
    This hour-long Warner Brothers TV series starred McGoohan as a doctor 
    "with a gift for diagnosis"; However it failed to catch on, and was a 
    casualty itself of the 1977 American television season.]

Theme [probable title]: "Rafferty Theme"

    [The Internet Movie Database (imdb.com) credits
     Leonard Rosenman as having written the theme for the
     series; Craig Patillo's "T V Theme Soundtrack Directory"
     credits Rosenman as having recorded the THEME.
     But no such composition appears in either ASCAP or BMI
     database associated with Rosenman or anyone else. No
     copyrights by Rosenman match the name "Rafferty" during
     the years 1976 - 1978 either.]

     Composer: Leonard Bernard Rosenman (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher:

     2001 Publisher:

     2001 Publisher:

     Copyright Date: [not found]
     Renewal   Date:


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