Say When!! (game show, hosted by Art James)

    (NBC Daytime, 1961-1965)
     A Goodson-Todman game show with a four-year run on NBC. The final 
     season (1964-1965) was broadcast in color. The show was similar
     to "The Price Is Right" in which contestants try to put together
     a set of merchandise that equals a certain dollar amount.

Theme: "Say When Theme"

    [Composer and theme credit in the article "N B C Theme Music"
     published February 15, 1964 in the Dover Reporter, Dover, OH.
     Mastren was a well-known jazz guitarist and banjo player, who was
     in the NBC Orchestra playing for the "Today Show" and "Tonight Show"
     from 1954 - 1970.]

     Composer: Carmen Mastren (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher:

     1978 Publishers: 

     2000 Publishers: 
     Copyright Date: [not found] 
     Renewal Date:   [not found]


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