Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers (children's sci-fi, starring Cliff Robertson)

    (CBS Saturday Mornings, 1953 - 1954)

    [a weekly Saturday morning children's space series in the 
     vein of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet -- which had also started on
     CBS. (Corbett left after one year, and went on to bigger success
     on other networks.) It was produced by William Dozier, who
     later produced (and narrated) the Batman, Batgirl, Green Hornet
     and Wonder Woman TV series.
     The most recognizable actors in the 1953 "Rod Brown" series
     were Cliff Robertson who played the title role, and the
     character actor Jack Weston. 
     CBS had undoubtedly tried their best to succeed in the genre
     since they produced 58 episodes of "Rod Brown of the Rocket
     Rangers", but it was cancelled after just one season...]

Theme: "Rocket Ranger March and Song"

    [above is the title as originally filed for copyright; 
     the title in the ASCAP ACE database is the rather cryptic entry:
     "Rod Brown Rocket etc."
     The marching theme song was a collaboration of three songwriters --
     Willie Gilbert and Jacob Weinstock wrote the words, and Robert
     Allen composed the music.
     Robert Allen was a songwriter who wrote for Johnny Mathis and others,
     whose songs were often placed on TV episodes and in motion pictures. 
     Allen wrote the songs "Chances Are", "It's Not for Me To Say", 
     "Moments To Remember", "A Very Special Love", "Song for a Summer 
     Night", "Home for the Holidays" and "Everybody Loves a Lover" 
     (among others.)
     Willie Gilbert wrote songs for the "Howdy Doody" TV series 
     during the 1950s. He also collaborated with Abe Burrows on the
     book for the 1961 Broadway musical "How To Succeed In Business
     Without Really Trying."
     William G. ("Willie") Gilbert (an ASCAP member), and Jacob Weinstock 
     do not appear in the ASCAP listing for this work, but are credited
     in the copyright filing of 1954.]
     Composers: music by Robert Allen (ASCAP),
                lyric by Willie Gilbert (ASCAP) 
                        [professional name of William G. Gilbert], and
                lyric by Jacob L. Weinstock (not affiliated)

     Original Publisher: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.

     1978 Publisher: [Listed in the 1978 ASCAP Performance Index
                      without publisher credit]

     2010 Publishers: [Listed in the ASCAP ACE database
                       without publisher credit]
     2018 Publishers: [Listed in the ASCAP ACE database
                       listing composer Robert Allen &
                       an additional "Writer unknown"
                       without publisher credit]

     Copyright Date: Feb. 16, 1954; Eu 347 973.
     Renewal   Date: July 21, 1982; RE 133 833.


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