Summer Matinee (anthology, hosted by Bill Silbert)

    (Dumont Primetime 1951 - 1953)

    [a summer dramatic anthology series hosted by Bill Silbert 
     on the Dumont Network]

Theme: "Vanessa"

    [verified on sheet music published by Meridian Music which
     shows Bill Silbert on cover and says "Theme song of the
     Dumont T.V. Program 'Summer Matinee' with Bill Silbert";

     Although credit for publishing it is given to Meridian
     Music (BMI), at 1619 Broadway, New York City (Brill Bldg.),
     the back cover features an ad by Edwin H. Morris & Co.
     of which Meridian may have been the BMI division -- or
     Morris may have been the selling agent or distributor;

     This piece was also used by many TV stations during the
     1950s as a local variety show or women's show THEME;

     Bernie Wayne was perhaps best known as a co-composer of 
     the pop song "Blue Velvet", and the perennial "There She 
     Is, Miss America" sung by Bert Parks at the Miss America 
     Pageant every year starting in 1955.
     But he was capable of making better music than those two;
     Especially his 1950's instrumental novelties "Vanessa", 
     "Port-au-Prince" and "The Magic Touch" -- all recorded
     by Hugo Winterhalter.]

     Composer: Bernie Wayne (BMI)
              [professional name of Bernard Weitzner]

     Original Publisher: Meridian Music Corp. (BMI)
                            of New York;

     2018 Publishers: Bernie Wayne Music Co. (BMI)
                        c/o Spirit One Music
                        of New York

     Unpublished Copyright Date: Mar 31, 1952; Eu 270 498.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date: Jan  4, 1980; RE- 52-868.

     Published Copyright Date: June 11, 1952; Ep 63 143.
     Published Renewal   Date: Jan.  7, 1980; RE-51-720.


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