Stanley (sitcom, starring Buddy Hackett with Carol Burnett)

    (CBS Primetime, 1956 - 1957)

    [A live sitcom from the early days of TV, produced by Max Liebman
     who had produced "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar; the first
     episode featured a script co-written by Neil Simon (a writer from
    "Your Show of Shows" who went on to fame and fortune); this was
     an ambitious effort with a cast that included Carol Burnett in 
     one of her earliest roles; Comedian Hackett played the title role
     of a busboy at a hotel; too bad it only lasted one season]

Theme: "Stanley"

    [the composing team of Warnick and Pahl were really hitting
     their stride the same year this TV series was aired -- in
     that same year of 1956 they composed the Christmas classic
     "Silver Bells (It's Christmas Time In The City)"]

     Composers: Clay Warnick (ASCAP),
                Melvin F. Pahl (ASCAP), and
                Max Liebman (ASCAP) [producer of the show]

     1978 Publisher: Mason Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Mason Music Corp. (ASCAP)
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: 
     Renewal   Date:


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