The Saint/Return of The Saint (spy adventure, starring Roger Moore)

    [The original series starring Roger Moore was produced by British
     ITV and was offered in the US first in Syndication; and then 
     re-run on NBC Primetime.
     It was based upon a series of spy novels in the "James Bond" tradition
     written by Leslie Charteris.

     A follow-up series from ITV called "Return of the Saint" starred 
     Ian Oglivy and aired in the US on CBS, 1979 - 1980.]
     (First run syndication, 1967 - 1968;
      NBC Primetime re-runs, 1968 - 1980)

Theme 1 (for the 1967 Saint series): "Main Theme from 'The Saint'"

    [Above is title as filed for US copyright;
     aka on recordings and sheet music: "Theme from 'The Saint'"]

    [alternate ASCAP titles: "The Saint (M and E)" and 
                             "Saint (Sig)(Main/End)"]

     Composer: Edwin Thomas Astley (British PRS/ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Miller Music Corp. (ASCAP), and
                      Robbins Music Corp. Ltd. (ASCAP)

     2000 Publisher:  EMI Miller Catalog, Inc. (ASCAP),
                         C/O EMI Music Publishing, Inc.
                         of New York, NY
     US Copyright Date: May   7, 1965; EFO-107 625.
     US Renewal   Date: Dec. 16, 1993; RE-644-779.


Main Theme 2 (for the 1979 Return of The Saint): "Return of The Saint Theme"

    [above is BMI title;
     ASCAP title: "Return of The Saint (Sig)"]

     Composers: Brian Colin Dee (British PRS/BMI), and
                Irving Lawrence Martin (British PRS/BMI) 

     1978 Publisher: [unknown]
     2000 Publisher: Sony/ATV Songs LLC (ATV of Great Britain) (BMI),
                     and ALSO listed in ASCAP without publisher
     US Copyright Dates: [not found]


End Theme 3 (for the 1979 Return of The Saint): "No Saint Am I (End Title)"

    [aka: "The New Saint Theme"

     Author Leslie Charteris who penned the spy novels was given
     co-writer credit for this End Title THEME. Perhaps he wrote
     the words.]

     Composers: Clarence Wright (ASCAP) and
                Leslie Charteris (ASCAP)
               [professional name of novelist Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin]

     1978 Publishers: [listed in ASCAP, 1978 without publisher]
     2000 Publishers: [listed in ASCAP database without publisher]
     US Copyright Dates: [not found]


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