The Soupy Sales Show (comedy)

     (ABC Primetime, 1955;
      ABC Primetime, 1962;
      Syndicated,    1965 - 1967)

     [Soupy Sales was a Cleveland comic who had previously used
      the stage name Milton Hines; But his actual birth name was
      really "Morton Supman." So naturually as a child, Morton
      Supman got the nickname "Soupbone" (His brothers were nick-
      named "Hambone" and "Chickenbone" -- talk about schoolyard
      abuse! :-)  Anyway, "Soupbone" was shortened to "Soupy"...

      Soupy Sales hosted a Saturday morning version which was called
      "Lunch With Soupy Sales" (on ABC, 1959 - 1961), which see;

      Soupy was a visual comedian who was a favorite with a young
      audience but sometimes cracked up their parents too...]

Theme 1: "Dancing Ivories (Soupy's Theme)"

    [above is title as registered below;
     original title: "Dancing Ivories";
     aka: "Soupy's Theme (Dancing Ivories)"
     aka: ASCAP 1999 title: "Soupy's Theme";

     The melody uses an identical motif to the 1924 hit "Limehouse Blues", 
     (now in Public Domain)...except where...
     the 2nd phrase in "Limehouse Blues" repeats the motif at a higher pitch,
     the 2nd phrase in "Soupy's Theme" repeats the motif at a lower pitch;
     perhaps this was Mr. Jerome's idea of a musician's "inside joke"...
     The original publication was made under the title "Dancing Ivories".]

     Composer: Henry Jerome (ASCAP)
              [pseudonym of Al Mortimer] 

     Orig. Publisher: Mitchell Music (ASCAP)
                         of New Rochelle, NY

    [Under the title "Dancing Ivories"]:
     1978 Publisher: Mitchell Music (ASCAP)

    [Under the title "Soupy's Theme"]:
     1978 Publisher: Ellipsis Music Corp. (ASCAP)
    [Under the title "Soupy's Theme"]:
     1999 Publisher: Ellipsis Music Corp. (ASCAP)
                        of Brooklyn, NY

    [as "Dancing Ivories (Soupy's Theme)]:
     Copyright Date: Nov.  2, 1959; Eu 600 456.
     Renewal   Date: Sep. 14, 1987; RE-348-176.


Skit Theme 2: "The Soupy Shuffle"

     [aka: "Soupy's Theme" (not to be confused with the "real" Soupy's
      Theme -- "Dancing Ivories" above...)
      Ted Lehrman was not listed on the original 1959 registration below.]

     Composers: music by Henry Jerome (ASCAP)
                        [pseudonym of Al Mortimer],
                lyric by Leonard Whitcup (ASCAP) and
                Theodore H. ("Ted") Lehrman (ASCAP)

     Original Claimant: Bayer Music Co. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Ellipsis Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     1999 Publishers: Mitchell Music (ASCAP), of
                         New Rochelle, NY; 
                      Henry Jerome Music Inc. (ASCAP), of
                         Plantation, FL; and
                      Leonard Whitcup Inc. (ASCAP), of
                         Merion Station, PA.

     Copyright Date: Nov. 2, 1959; Eu 600 454.
     Renewal   Date: Apr. 6, 1987; RE-335-782.

            LP: "The Soupy Sales Show"
                 Jimmie Haskell and his orchestra
                 Reprise R/RS-6010 (1962)

         45rpm: "Soupy's Theme"
                 Jimmie Haskell and his orchestra
                 Reprise 20064 (1962)

Theme 3 (Syndicated, 1965): "Soupy's On"

     Composers: Phil Ramone (BMI), and
                Pat Williams (ASCAP/BMI)
               [professional name of Patrick Moody Williams]

     1978 Publishers: [not listed in 1978 ASCAP Index of
                           Performed Compositions]

     1999 Publishers: [not listed in ASCAP or BMI databases]

     Copyright Date: Nov. 29, 1965; Eu 913 854.
     Renewal   Date: Dec. 27, 1993; RE-649-836.


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