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Classic TV Series from 'W' - 'Z'

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To see the theme music used for a particular TV series, click on the underlined titles.

W. E. B. (drama)

The Wackiest Ship In The Army (sitcom, starring Jack Warden and Gary Collins)

The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (comedy variety)

Wagon Train (western, starring Ward Bond and Robert Horton)

     [syndicated title "Major Adams, Trailmaster"]

+ Wally Cox -- see The Adventures of Hiram Holiday (sitcom)

+ Wally Cox -- see Mr. Peepers (sitcom)

+ Wally Cox -- see Underdog (cartoon, voiced by Wally Cox)

Wall $treet Week (financial analysis, hosted by Louis Rukeyser)

+ Walt Disney Presents -- see Disneyland / Wonderful World of Color (children)

The Walter Winchell Show [#1] (commentary)

The Walter Winchell Show [#2] (variety)

The Waltons (family drama)

Wanderlust (travelog, hosted by Bill Burrud)

    [aka: "Bill Burrud's Wanderlust"]

Wanted (true crime, hosted by Walter McGraw)

Wanted: Dead or Alive (western, starring Steve McQueen)

War In The Air (documentary)

Warner Brothers Presents (umbrella title for rotating series with host Gig Young)

     [series included "Kings Row", "Casablanca", "Cheyenne", 
      "Bronco", "Sugarfoot", etc.]

Watch Mr. Wizard (educational, with Don Herbert)

    [aka: Mr. Wizard]

Waterfront (adventure, starring Preston Foster)

Way Out (sci-fi anthology, hosted by Roald Dahl)

The Web (dramatic anthology, host Jonathon Blake)

Welcome Aboard (musical variety)

Welcome, Travelers (talk, hosted by Tommy Bartlett)

+ Wells Fargo -- see Tales of Wells Fargo

Wendy And Me (sitcom, starring Connie Stevens and Ron Harper)

The West Point Story (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: "West Point"]

+ Western Marshal -- see Steve Donovan (western, starring Doug Kennedy)

+ Western Ranger -- see Steve Donovan (western, starring Doug Kennedy)

+ Western Star Theatre -- see Death Valley Days (western adventure)

The Westerner (western, starring Brian Keith)

+ Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse -- see Desilu Playhouse

Westinghouse Playhouse/The Nanette Fabray Show (sitcom)

    [aka: "Yes Yes, Nanette"]

Westinghouse Preview Theatre (comedy anthology)

    [aka: "Preview Theatre"]

+ Westinghouse Summer Theatre -- see Studio One

What's Happening!! (sitcom)

+ What's It All About, World? -- see The Dean Jones Variety Hour (comedy variety)

What's My Line? (quiz/panel)

What's This Song? (musical quiz, hosted by Wink Martindale)

+ Where's Raymond -- see The Ray Bolger Show

The Whirly-Birds (adventure)

Whispering Smith (western-detective)

The Whistler (suspense anthology)

+ Whiting Girls -- see Those Whiting Girls (sitcom)

Who Do You Trust? (game show)

    [original title: "Do You Trust Your Wife?"]

Wichita Town (western, starring Joel McCrea and Jody McCrea)

Wild Bill Hickock, The Adventures of (western, starring Guy Madison)

Wild Kingdom (wildlife documentary, hosted by Marlin Perkins)

     [aka: "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"]

The Wide Country (western, starring Earl Holliman and Andrew Prine)

Wide Wide World (documentary, with Dave Garroway)

     [originated as a segment of the nighttime "Producers' 
      Showcase" before becoming its own Sunday afternoon 

+ Wide World of Entertainment -- see A B C Color Movies (since 1961)

+ The Wide World of Sports -- see A B C's Wide World of Sports

The Wild, Wild West (comedy western, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin)

+ William F. Buckley, Jr. -- see Firing Line (discussion)

[The Adventures of] William Tell (adventure) starring Conrad Phillips

Willy (sitcom, starring June Havoc)

Winchell-Mahoney Time (children, starring Paul Winchell)

+ Paul Winchell -- see also The Paul Winchell Show (comedy)

+ Paul Winchell -- see also The Speidel Show (comedy)

+ Paul Winchell -- see also Circus Time (children)

Window On Main Street (comedy-drama, starring Robert Young)

Wingo (game show, hosted by Bob Kennedy)

Winky-Dink and You (children, hosted by Jack Barry)

+ The Wonderful World of Color -- see Disneyland / Walt Disney Presents (children)

Woody Woodpecker (cartoon)

    [aka: "Fun At Five", ABC (1957 - 1958);
     aka: "Woody Woodpecker And His Friends" Syndicated;
     aka: "The Woody Woodpecker Show", reruns on NBC (1970 - 1972)]

Word For Word (game show, hosted by Merv Griffin)

Words And Music (musical quiz, hosted by Wink Martindale)

A World Apart (soap opera)

+ World Crime Hunt -- see Paris Precinct (police drama, starring Louis Jordan)

World Of Giants (science fiction, starring Marshall Thompson)

The World Of Mr. Sweeney (sitcom, starring Charlie Ruggles)

The World Tomorrow (religion, with Herbert W. Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong)

Wyatt Earp (western, starring Hugh O'Brian)

     [aka: "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp"]

+ Yes Yes, Nanette -- see Westinghouse Playhouse/The Nanette Fabray Show (sitcom)

Yancy Derringer (western, starring Jock Mahoney)

The Yellow Rose (serial drama starring David Soul and Cybill Shepherd)

Yesterday's Newsreel (footage from the General Film Library)

You Are There (historical re-enactment)

You Asked For It (audience requests)

     [original title: "The Art Baker Show"]

You Bet Your Life (quiz, with Groucho Marx)

     [aka: "The Groucho Marx Show"]
     [Summer NBC Reruns and Syndication title: "The Best of Groucho"]
     [See also CBS sequel: "Tell It To Groucho" ]

You Don't Say (quiz, hosted by Tom Kennedy)

You'll Never Get Rich /The Phil Silvers Show (sitcom)

    [Rerun and syndicated title: "Sergeant Bilko"]

The Young And The Restless (soap opera)

Young Dr. Malone (soap opera)

Your All-American College Show (talent contest)

+ Your All-Star Theatre -- see Ford Television Theater

Your Big Moment / Blind Date (game show)

Your Hit Parade (music)

Your Show of Shows (comedy, with Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca)

+ Your - TV Theater -- see Jane Wyman Presents/Fireside Theatre

Yours For A Song (musical quiz, starring Bert Parks)

Zane Grey Theater (western anthology hosted by Dick Powell)

     [aka: "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater"]

Zoorama (animals, with host Bob Dale)

Zorro (western, starring Guy Williams and Henry Calvin)

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