What's My Line? (quiz/panel)

    (Version 1: CBS Sunday Nights,  1950 - 1967;
     Version 2: Syndicated Daytime, 1968 - 1975)

    [The first version was hosted by...
         John Charles Daly, 1950 - 1967;

     The second version was hosted by...
         Wally Bruner, 1968 - 1972 and
         Larry Blyden, 1972 - 1975]

Open Theme 1: "Melody In Moccasins"

     [Craig Patillo book "TV Theme Soundtrack Directory",
      said it was used as Main Theme first nine seasons (1950 - 59);
      This same book erroneously credited "Peter Pan" as an
      open theme, but that was used on "To Tell The Truth",
      which see...NOT on "What's My Line".

      We thought this piece played behind John Daly's words 
      "Will our next guest come in and Sign In Please", but 
      contrary to that mistaken assumption, theme collector 
      Mark Koldys says: "The John Daly What's My Line" never had 
      music under the scene where guests would sign in [although 
      later versions of the series did...It began with the 
      filmed, animated title sequence, and the pizzicato theme
      played under that...]

     Composer: Wilfred Burns (British PRS/ASCAP)
              [professional name of Bernard Wilfred Harris]

     Original Publisher: Charles Broude, Ltd. (ASCAP)

     Original U.S. Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: [no publisher listed for this title
                         in ASCAP Repertoire, reverted to PD?]

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

         78rpm vinyl single in the British 
                      Harmonic Library of Mood Music
                      Harmonic HMP 296-A
                      The Harmonic Orchestra 
                      conducted by Hans May

         [recording information courtesy collector/engineer
          Graham Newton of Toronto, Canada.]

Open Theme 2: "Sounds"

     [title/composer credit in Steve Gelfand's book 
                            "Television Theme Recordings";
      in his book "TV Theme Soundtrack Directory", Craig Patillo
      said a composition by this title was used as Main Theme 
      during seasons 10 - 13 (1960 - 63), no composer listed;
      Steve Gelfand book says a recording of this is on the 
      LP - "Swingin' the Jingles" Riverside RLP-7515/RLP-97515.

      Perhaps this was a commercial theme for the "Arpege" 
      perfume company, used when they sponsored the show]

     Composer: Sascha Burland (BMI)
              [professional name of Granville Burland]

     Original Publisher: [none found with this title & composer, however in
          ASCAP Index of Performed Compositions, there is a cut by Emil 
          Ascher with no composer listed.]

     1998 Publisher: (none found with this title & composer in ASCAP/BMI,
          however there is an ASCAP Repertoire listing of "Sounds" [no 
          composer given] which is published by "Arpege" of Los Angeles)

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


End Credits Theme/Main Theme: "Roller Coaster"

    [Verified as the Close THEME in TV Guide article "When
     The Melody Lingers On..." May 17, 1958, pp. 22-23.
     Milton De Lugg's last name is sometimes spelled "DeLugg".]

     Composers: Louis F. Busch (ASCAP)
              [aka Joe ("Fingers") Carr], and
               Milton De Lugg (ASCAP)

     First 1951 Publisher: J. J. Robbins & Sons, Inc. (ASCAP)
     Second 1951 Publisher: Mayfair Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Burning Bush Music (ASCAP) and 
                          Amy Dee Music (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: Burning Bush Music (ASCAP) and 
                          Amy Dee Music (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date: 1949 on photocopy of manuscript sketch from
                          widow of composer Lou Busch, and on the
                          published sheet music both 1949 & 1951.
                          The 1951 filing mis-spells the composer's
                          name as "Louis BUSH" instead of "BUSCH."
                          This mistake also appears on the first
                          edition of the sheet music.
     Unpublished Copyright #1: July 11, 1949; EU 172 608.
     Unpublished Copyright #2: March 5, 1951; EU 231 864.
     Published   Copyright   : July  3, 1951; EP  55 882.
          78rpm Single - 
               by Henri Rene, His Chorus and Orchestra
               (chorus vocal w/orch.)

     Re-released on:
          CD - "Space-Age Pop (Volume 1): Melodies and Mischief" (1996)
               RCA 7863-66645-2 
               by Henri Rene and His Orchestra (instr.)

          CD - "Cocktail Capers (Ultra-Lounge Volume 4)" (1996)
               Capitol  2438-37596-2
               (recorded 2/23/51 - previously unreleased)
               by Les Baxter, His Orchestra and Chorus 
               (chorus vocal w/orch.)

Theme 4 (for Version 2, 1968): "What's My Line?"

    [Bob Israel was president of Score Productions in
     New York; the "ghost writer" who actually wrote the THEME
     is not known.]
     Composer: credited to Robert ("Bob") Israel (BMI)
              [professional name of Robert Arnold Israel]

     2000 Publisher: Script Music Co. (BMI)
                        c/o Score Productions, Inc.
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

          CD - "The Best of TV Quiz and Game Show Themes" (2000)
                produced by The Sony Game Show Network,
                Varese-Sarabande Records 302 066 159 2

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