The Waltons (family drama)

     (CBS Primetime, 1972 - 1981)

     [this long-time series was built upon family values of another
      era, a rural Virginia family living on their own "mountain"
      and surviving during depression-era America;

      It was based upon a book by Earl Hamner, Jr., which was
      dramatised in the Henry Fonda film, "Spencer's Mountain";

      The emsemble TV cast was headed by Ralph Waite playing the
      father, Michael Learned played the mother, and Will Geer
      played Grandpa; Ellen Corby played Grandma; the standout 
      role among the children was played by Richard Thomas in
      the role of eldest son "John-Boy";

      The series won critical and audience aclaim for years...]

Theme: "The Waltons"

    [above is the title as filed for copyright under "The...";
     ASCAP title: "The Waltons Theme"]

     Composer: Jerry Goldsmith (ASCAP/BMI)
              [professional name of Jerrald King Goldsmith]

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