Wall $treet Week (financial analysis, hosted by Louis Rukeyser)

    (PBS, 1972 - 2018)
    [aka: "Wall $treet Week with FORTUNE" (2002 - 2018)]
    [Financial analyst and commentator Louis Rukeyser was the original
     host of this series which originated in 1970 as a local show produced
     at Maryland Public Television, a state agency of Maryland that is
     based in Owings Mills, MD; By 1972 the show airing on WMPB had been
     picked up to air over the full PBS network;
     Rukeyser's wry wit and talent for trenchant insights were the key
     to its success; At one point, over 300 stations carried the series;
     In 2002, the producers at Maryland Public Television unfortunately
     tried to "update" the format bringing in younger hosts and giving 
     Rukeyser a less prominent role; Rukeyser quit the show and began his 
     own series on CNBC which was then carried by some PBS stations;
     After Rukeyser's departure, the series was renamed "Wall $Street Week
     with FORTUNE" and co-hosted by the editorial director of Fortune
     Magazine, Geoffrey Colvin, along with Karen Gibes, a Fox News Channel
     reporter; This failed to be an improvement; The viewership struggled 
     along with 1/6th of the audience it had during its heydey but never 
     fully recovered; so Maryland Public Television finally pulled the plug,
     announcing the last episode is scheduled for production in June, 2018.]

Theme: "TWX In Twelve Bars"

   [THEME title and composer credit from on-screen closing credits;

     The Theme music originally underscored an opening video sequence
     depicting the hectic pace of life during a trading day on Wall Street;
     Harmonically, it was a 12-bar blues progression; and, perhaps in a nod
     to modern technology, it had an unusual 5/8 meter; it was played at a 
     brisk tempo by a small jazz-rock combo featuring trombones, flutes, bass 
     guitar, drums and an electronic (Fender-Rhodes) piano; After Rukeyser's
     departure, the opening (including the THEME) was shortened to just a few 
     brief seconds...]

     Composer: Donald Swartz (not affiliated)

     1978 Publisher: [not found in the 1978 ASCAP Index of Performed Compositions]

     2001 Publisher: [not found in ASCAP or BMI databases]

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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