You Are There (historical re-enactments)

     (CBS, 1953 - 1957; 
      Revival attempted by CBS, 1971 - 1972)

Theme 1 (1953 - 1957): "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    [used for the original 1953 - 1957 series, and for
     the End Credits of the 1971 revival series; This was
     originally composed as one of a series of fanfares that
     were requested by the Cincinnati Orchestra under Eugene
     Goosens for its 1942 - 1943 season. 18 composers responded
     with fanfares, but this is the one most often played...
     This one by Copland commemorates men who died in action
     during World War II which was still going at the time.]

     Composer: Aaron Copland (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (ASCAP)

     Composition Date: 1942

     Published Copyright Date: Nov. 10, 1944; EP 126 802.
     Published Renewal   Date: Nov. 12, 1971;  R 516 701.


Theme 2 (1971 - 1972): "You Are There Opening"

    [New opening Main Title music for the 1971 - 1972 
     series revival]

     Composer: Leith A. Stevens (ASCAP/BMI)

     Original Publisher: April Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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