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Classic TV Series from 'O' - 'Q'

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O'Hara, United States Treasury (crime drama, starring David Janssen)

The O. Henry Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

Occasional Wife (sitcom)

The Odd Couple (sitcom with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman)

Official Detective (dramatic anthology)

+ Oh! Susanna -- see The Gale Storm Show

Oldsmobile Music Theatre (music)

The Oldsmobile Show (musical variety, starring Patti Page)

    [aka: "The Patti Page Show"]

Omnibus (fine arts, with host Alistair Cooke)

On Broadway Tonight (musical variety, hosted by Rudy Vallee)

On The Go (daytime variety, hosted by Jack Linkletter)

+ On Trial -- see The Joseph Cotton Show (dramatic anthology)

+ The $128,000 Question -- see The $64,000 Question (quiz)

One Life To Live (soap opera)

One Man's Family (serial drama/soap opera)

+ One Step Beyond -- see Alcoa Presents/One Step Beyond

Open End/The David Susskind Show (talk)

Operation: Entertainment (variety, hosted by Jim Lange)

The Original Amateur Hour (talent show)

     [aka: Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour]

+ Osmond Family Show, The -- see Donny And Marie / Marie (musical variety)

+ Our Gang Comedies -- see The Little Rascals

+ Our Gang Comedies -- see also Mischief Makers

Our Man Higgins (sitcom, starring Stanley Holloway)

Our Miss Brooks (situation comedy, starring Eve Arden)

Our Private World (soap opera)

The Outer Limits (sci-fi anthology)

The Outlaws (western, starring Barton MacLane and Don Collier)

+ Outlaws Of The Century -- see Stories Of The Century (western)

The Outsider (detective, starring Darren McGavin)

Overland Trail (western, starring William Bendix)

+ Overseas Adventure -- see Foreign Intrigue (mystery)

Owen Marshall: Counselor At Law (legal drama, starring Arthur Hill)

Ozark Jubilee (country music/variety, hosted by Red Foley)

    [aka: "Country Music Jubilee";
     aka: "Jubilee U.S.A."]

Ozzie and Harriet, The Adventures of (sitcom)

     [original radio title: "The Ozzie Nelson - Harriet Hilliard Show"]

P. D. Q. (game show)

P.M. East - P.M. West (Bi-coastal Talk Show)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts / Fight Of The Week (CBS Wed. night boxing)

    [aka: "Blue Ribbon Bouts";
     aka: "Fight Of The Week";
     rerun title: "Blue Ribbon Classics"]

Panic! (dramatic anthology, with host Westbrook Van Voorhis)

    [Episodes rerun in 1958 as part of the 
     series "No Warning", which see]

Pantomime Quiz (charades, hosted by Mike Stokey)

    [aka: "Stump The Stars";
     aka: "Celebrity Charades]

Parade Of Stars (variety)

+ Parade of Stars -- see also The Popsicle Parade of Stars (children's comedy/variety)

Paradise Bay (soap opera)

Paris Precinct / World Crime Hunt (police drama, starring Louis Jordan)

The Passing Parade (anthology, hosted by John Nesbitt)

Password (game show, hosted by Allen Ludden)

    [Successor series include 
    "Password Plus" and "Super Password"]

The Patrice Munsel Show (musical variety)

+ Patterns For Living -- see This Is The Life / The Fisher Family (religioius anthology)

The Patti Page Show (musical variety, syndicated & on NBC)

+ Patti Page -- see also The Big Record (musical variety, on CBS)

+ Patti Page -- see also The Oldsmobile Show (musical variety, on ABC)

+ Patti Page -- see also Scott Music Hall (musical variety, on NBC)

The Patty Duke Show (sitcom)

+ The Paul Hartman Show -- see Pride Of The Family (sitcom)

Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue (musical variety)

The Paul Winchell Show (comedy)

+ The Paul Winchell Show -- see also Winchell-Mahoney Time (children)

+ The Paul Winchell Show -- see also The Speidel Show (comedy)

+ Paul Winchell -- see also Circus Time (children)

The Pearl Bailey Show (musical variety)

Peck's Bad Girl (sitcom, starring Patty McCormack and Wendell Corey)

+ Peggy Lee -- see The Revlon Revue (variety)

Penthouse Party (variety, starring Betty Furness)

People Will Talk (game show, hosted by Dennis James)

The People's Choice (situation comedy, starring Jackie Cooper)

The People's Court (courtroom reality, featuring Judge Wapner)

The Perry Como Show [CBS, 1950] (musical variety)

The Perry Como Show [NBC, 1955] (musical variety)

+ Perry Como -- see also The Chesterfield Supper Club

+ Perry Como -- see also The Kraft Music Hall (musical variety)

Perry Mason (crime drama, starring Raymond Burr)

Person To Person (interview, with Edward R. Murrow)

The Persuaders (adventure, starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis)

Pete And Gladys (sitcom, starring Harry Morgan and Cara Williams)

Pete Kelly's Blues (crime, starring William Reynolds)

+ The Peter and Mary Show -- see The Peter Lind Hayes Show [#2] (daytime variety)

Peter Gunn (detective drama, starring Craig Stevens)

The Peter Lind Hayes Show [#1] (comedy variety)

    [original title: "The Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy Show"]

The Peter Lind Hayes Show [#2] (daytime variety)

    [aka: "The Peter and Mary Show"]

Peter Loves Mary (sitcom, starring Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy)

Peyton Place (serial drama)

    [Daytime version: "Return To Peyton Place"]

+ The Phil Silvers Arrow Show -- see The Arrow Show

+ The Phil Silvers Show (55-59) -- see You'll Never Get Rich (sitcom)

The [New] Phil Silvers Show (63-64) (sitcom)

Philco Television Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Philco TV Playhouse"
      aka: "Philco Playhouse",
      and in a rotating time slot, "Philco-Goodyear Playhouse"]

Philip Marlowe (detective, starring Philip Carey)

Philip Morris Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

    [aka: "Philip Morris Broadway Playhouse";
     aka: "Philip Morris Playhouse On Broadway"]

+ Philip Morris Playhouse -- see also I Love Lucy

Phyllis (sitcom, starring Cloris Leachman)

+ The Phyllis Diller Show -- see The Pruitts of Southampton (sitcom)

+ The Pioneers -- see Death Valley Days (western adventure)

The Pink Panther (cartoons)

The Pinky Lee Show (Primetime variety show)

The Pinky Lee Show (Daytime/Weekend children's show)

Pistols 'n' Petticoats (sitcom, starring Ann Sheridan)

Place The Face (quiz show)

+ Places, Please -- see Manhattan Showcase (talent/variety)

+ The Plainsman -- see Law Of The Plainsman (western, starring Michael Ansara)

Planet Of The Apes (science fiction, starring Roddy McDowell)

Play Your Hunch (quiz show)

Playboy's Penthouse T.V. Party (variety, hosted by Hugh Heffner)

Playhouse 90 (dramatic anthology)

Playhouse Number 7 (dramatic anthology)

Playwrights '56 (dramatic anthology)

     [aka: "Pontiac Playhouse" and 
      aka: "Pontiac Presents Playwrights '56]

Please Don't Eat The Daisies (sitcom)

Police Story [CBS, 1952] (crime anthology, hosted by Norman Rose)

Police Story [NBC, 1973] (crime anthology)

+ Policewoman Decoy -- see Decoy (crime drama) starring Beverly Garland

The Polly Bergen Show (musical variety)

Ponds Theatre (dramatic anthology)

The Pony Express (western)

Popeye, The Sailor (cartoons)

Popsicle Parade of Stars, The (children's comedy-variety)

     [aka: "Parade of Stars"]

Portia Faces Life / The Inner Flame (soap opera)

Portrait (biography, hosted by Charles Collingwood)

+ Press Time -- see The Jim Backus Show (sitcom)

+ Preview Theatre -- see Westinghouse Preview Theatre (comedy anthology)

The Price Is Right (quiz show)

Pride Of The Family / The Paul Hartman Show (sitcom)

Private Secretary (sitcom, with Ann Sothern and Don Porter)

    [Syndicated title: "Susie"]

Producers' Showcase (dramatic anthology)

Profiles In Courage (biography)

Project 20/Project XX (documentary specials)

    [aka: "Project XX";
     aka: "NBC Project XX"]

Project U. F. O. (adventure)

+ The Protectors -- see The Bold Ones (rotating drama series)

The Pruitts of Southampton (sitcom, starring Phyllis Diller and John Astin)

    [aka: "The Phyllis Diller Show"]

Public Defender (crime drama, starring Reed Hadley)

Pulitzer Prize Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

+ Puppet Playhouse -- see Howdy Doody Time

Pursuit (dramatic anthology)

Queen For A Day (sympathy contest, hosted by Jack Bailey)

+ Quest For Adventure -- see A B C Presents (documentary)

Quincy, M. E. (medical drama, starring Jack Klugman)

   [aka: "Quincy"]

The Quiz Kids (quiz show)

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