The Perry Como Show [1950] (musical variety)

    (CBS Primetime, 1950 - 1955)

    [This series was the SECOND of four regular primetime musical
     variety TV series hosted by Perry Como. It was a 15-min. series 
     following the news on CBS. It included Mitchell Ayers and his

     The FIRST series was "The Chesterfield Supper Club" (NBC, 1948-50)
     which was an extension of the radio series of the same name,
     which see...

     The THIRD series was also called "The Perry Como Show"
     (NBC, 1955-59), which see...

     The FOURTH was "Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall" (NBC, 1959-67)
     which see...]

Theme 1: "Smoke Dreams"

    [after a few bars, this segued into the "Sound Off" THEME 2;

     Verified as a THEME in the TV Guide article "What's 
     The Name of That Theme Song?" Feb. 19, 1954 on p.21]

     Composers: John Klenner (ASCAP),
                Lloyd Shaffer (ASCAP), and
                Ted Steele (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Sherwin Music Pub. Corp. (ASCAP)
     1999 Publisher: Colgems-EMI Music, Inc. (ASCAP),
                     of New York, NY
     Composition Date: (circa 1937)
     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

Theme 2: "Sound Off (The Duckworth Chant)"

    [aka: "Jody";
     "Sound Off" was verified as a THEME in the TV Guide article "What's 
     The Name of That Theme Song?" Feb. 19, 1954 on p.21;
     This marching cadence was improvised by private Willie Lee Duckworth at 
     Ft. Slocum, New York in 1944. His commanding officer, Col. Bernard
     Lentz saw how it increased the tempo and efficiency of marching troops,
     so he promoted the use of the chant, and it caught on. By 1945 V-Disc 
     recordings included it. Then in 1951 a Carnegie Hall performance by the
     "Leonard E. du Paur Infantry Chorus" and its subsequent commercial 
     recording spread the fame of this chant throughout the U.S.
     Chesterfield Cigarettes, sponsors of the Perry Como Show, began using
     it as an attention-getting jingle (presumably after paying licensing
     fees for the privilege.)] 
     Composers: Willie Lee Duckworth (ASCAP), and
                Bernard V. Lentz (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher:
     1999 Publisher: Shapiro Bernstein & Co., Inc. (ASCAP), of
                     New York, NY
     Copyright Date: May  2, 1951; Ep 54 376.
     Renewal   Date: Mar. 6, 1979; RE-26-459.

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