One Man's Family (serial drama/soap opera)

    [Two separate versions of this show were attempted on NBC TV,
     one in PrimeTime, and the other a Daytime serial/soap opera. Both
     were based upon the long-running radio series which began in 1932.]

    (NBC Primetime, 1949 - 1952;
     NBC Daytime,   1954 - 1955)

Primetime Theme 1 (1949 - 1952): "Journey Into Melody"

     Composer: Robert Farnon (British PRS/ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Chappell & Co. of London, England (British PRS)
     1978 Publisher: Chappell & Co. Inc. (ASCAP)
     2000 Publisher: Jim Long Companies, Inc. (ASCAP),
                         c/o Jim Long Music Division,
                         of Carollton, TX

     Composition Date: 1947
     [arr. for Piano]:
     U.S. Copyright Date: Jan. 24, 1949; EF 12 476.
     [arr. for Orchestra]:
     U.S. Copyright Date: Mar. 23, 1949; EF 12 982.

     Recordings: in the Chappell Recorded Music Library

Daytime Theme 2 (1954 - 1955): "Deserted Mansion"

     Composer: John Albert Guarnieri (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Guarnieri Music Co. (ASCAP)
     2000 Publisher: Guarnieri Music Co. (ASCAP),
                        of Davis, CA

     Copyright Date: 1959, as per correspondence with Jeanne Guarnieri


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