Donny And Marie / The Osmond Family Show / Marie (musical variety)

    (ABC Primetime, 1976 - 1979, "Donny and Marie";
     ABC Sunday Nights, 1979, as "The Osmond Family Show";
     NBC Primetime, 1980 - 1981, as "Marie".)

    [The Osmond Brothers singing group had made appearances as boys
     on the Andy Williams variety show; An animated cartoon called
    "The Osmonds", a whimsical account based upon their life, aired 
     two seasons on ABC Saturday Mornings from 1972 - 1974;

     But after reaching their teenage years, it was the youngest
     little brother Donny Osmond and his even younger sister Marie 
     who were eventually given the chance to "step out" and headline 
     their own network variety series. It was a wholesome "family"
     entertainment featuring the clean-cut brother-sister act who
     were under a lot of pressure as it turned out...But seemed to
     be able to deliver each week with their mix of "a little bit
     country and a little bit rock and roll", not to mention quite
     a lot of teeth grinning from ear to ear.

     They were promoted by teenage fan magazines during those years
     and cross-promoted their recordings which helped their sales
     on pop charts. This phenomena reached its frenzied peak, but
     as with many teen idols, seemed to create a downward momentum
     for Donny and Marie as soon as fresh teen idols were promoted.

     The close-knit Osmond family was able to produce their family
     series from a beautiful TV studio in the foothills south of Salt 
     Lake City, Utah near their home, with some help from producers
     Sid and Marty Kroft. And the other Osmond brothers were still
     working behind the scenes in this family business...including
     composing a lovely closing THEME song. But Donny and Marie
     lasted on the network in that form for just three seasons.

     After the "Donny and Marie" series ended in 1979, a short-lived 
     successor was tried out called "The Osmond Family Show" which
     attempted to broaden its appeal by bringing back more family
     members to perform, and make it less focused on just Donny and
     Marie; It began in mid-season...but ended just before the summer
     of 1979; However "Osmond Family Christmas Specials" were a nice
     tradition that continued.

     Then in 1980, Marie Osmond, now a young woman and also a young
     mother, was given her own show on NBC called "Marie"; Its time
     slot was moved around in order to find and build an audience,
     but it was on the air for only one season.]

Open Theme (for "Donny and Marie"): "It Takes Two"

    [above is the title as filed for copyright; alternate title...
     aka: "Il Faut Etre Deux"; this had been recorded by several
     artists from 1966...and had been a hit for Ike and Tina Turner;

     This THEME was heard on an aircheck of the show opening rebroadcast
     on cable television in 2018; Although the opening of the show used
     various pieces during its run including "A Little Bit Country,
     and A Little Bit Rock And Roll", and whatever songs were being
     promoted by Donny and/or Marie on the pop or country charts...]

     Composers: Sylvia Rose Moy (BMI) and
                William Stevenson (BMI)

     1978 Publishers:

     2002 Publishers: Stone Agate Music (BMI)
                         c/o EMI Music Publishing
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     Published Copyright Date: Mar. 15, 1966; EP 214 841.
     Published Renewal   Date: Oct. 13, 1994; RE-678-577.


Close Theme (for "Donny and Marie"): "May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day"

     Composers: Alan Ralph Osmond (BMI);
                M. Wayne Osmond (BMI); and
                Merrill Davis Osmond (BMI)

     1978 Publisher: 

     2002 Publisher: OsMusic Publishing Co. Special Acct. (BMI)
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     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Close Theme (for "Marie"): "I Want To Thank You (theme from N B C T.V. show 'Marie')"

    [above is the title as filed for copyright]

     Composers: music by Alan Ralph Osmond (BMI);
                M. Wayne Osmond (BMI); and
                Jimmy Osmond (BMI); with
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     Copyright Date: Nov. 3, 1980; PAu-273-634.
     Renewal   Date:


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