Paradise Bay (soap opera)

    (NBC Daytime, 1965 - 1966)

    [this daytime drama centered around the manager of a radio
     station in a small coastal town in California and his family
     and friends]

Theme: "Paradise Bay Theme"

    [vocal title: "Holiday In Paradise";

     This was the final THEME of radio/TV composer Jack Meakin,
     who had been the NBC Music Director at one point in his
     career, and was best known as the music director of the
    "Great Gildersleeve" and bandleader for the Groucho Marx 
     TV shows "You Bet Your Life" and "Tell It To Groucho"]

     Composer: Jack Meakin (ASCAP/BMI)
              [professional name of John Brunker Meakin]

     Orig. Publisher:

     2001 Publisher: RuthAnne Music Co. (BMI)
                        of Half Moon Bay, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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