Philip Morris Playhouse (dramatic anthology)

    (CBS, 1953 - 1954)

    [aka: "Philip Morris Broadway Playhouse";
     aka: "Philip Morris Playhouse On Broadway"]

Theme 1: "On The Trail" (from "The Grand Canyon Suite")

    [Verified as the THEME in the TV Guide article "What's 
     The Name of That Theme Song?" Feb. 19, 1954 on p.21;

     The original name of "The Grand Canyon Suite" as filed for 
     copyright was "Five Pictures of the Grand Canyon".
     Although some people thought Ferde Grofé (sometimes
     spelled "Ferdie" Grofé) was of Latin descent, he was 
     actually of French Huguenot extraction. His last name from 
     birth was "von Grofé"

     The Philip Morris Tobacco company used Grofé's "On The Trail"
     as a signature piece behind their commercial advertising on
     radio & TV, along with a midget bellhop (Johnny) who intoned:
     "Call for Phillip Morrr--rray--is". So the choice of this piece
     for their dramatic anthology series is a tie-in to this promotion.]

     Composer: Ferde Grofé (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Ferdinand Rudolph von Grofé]

     1978 Publisher: Robbins Music Corp. (ASCAP)
     1997 Publisher: EMI/Robbins Catalog, Inc. (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date: 1933, in book "Who Wrote That Song?"

     Original 78 recordings by Paul Whiteman, and Sy Oliver (1948),
          [according to book "Who Wrote That Song?" by Dick Jacobs]

     Recordings: numerous semi-classical 78s, LPs, and CDs

Theme 2: "Philip Morris Playhouse Theme"

    [Title & composer credit in ASCAP Performance Index, 1952]

     Composer: Rene ("Aime") Garriguenc (ASCAP)

     1952 Publisher: Bibo Music Co. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: [not found in the ASCAP Performance Index, 1978]
     2000 Publisher: [not found in ASCAP repertoire database]

     Copyright Date:


Theme 3: "Philip Morris Broadway Playhouse Theme"

    [Title & Writer credit in ASCAP Performance Index, 1954;
     Charles Martin was also the producer of the radio series.]

     Composers: George Bassman (ASCAP), and
                Charles Martin (ASCAP)

     1954 Publisher: [listed in the ASCAP Performance Index, 1954
                      without publisher credit]

     2000 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP database without publisher;
                      and composer credit ONLY to George Bassman]

     Copyright Date:


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