Howdy Doody Time (children)

     [first season title: "Puppet Playhouse"]

     (NBC Daytime Mornings,  1947 - 1956;
      NBC Saturday Mornings, 1956 - 1960;
      a new Syndicated version was attempted in 1976)

     [starring Robert E. "Buffalo Bob" Smith; The role of
      Clarabelle the Clown was played by Bob Keeshan who later
      was television's "Captain Kangaroo", which see...]

Theme Adapted From: "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Der-e"

    [based upon the 1890's hit song "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Der-é" by
     Henry J. Sayers of Missouri, who was originally from Canada.
     Despite Sayers' name on the published sheet music, the Wikipedia web page about this 
     song included the following information on May 13, 2014:
     The song's authorship was disputed for some years. It was originally credited to 
     Sayers, who was the manager of the George Thatcher Minstrels; Sayers used the song 
     in his 1891 production Tuxedo, a minstrel farce variety show in which 
     "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay" was sung by Mamie Gilroy.
     However, Sayers later stated that he had not written the song, but had heard it 
     performed in the 1880s by a black singer, Mama Lou, in a well-known St. Louis 
     brothel run by "Babe" Connors.
     (end Wikipedia quote)]
     Composer: credited to Henry J. Sayers (predates ASCAP & BMI)

     Original Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter, London (1878)
     U.S. Publisher: Willis Woodward & Co., New York (1891)
     U.S. Copyright Date: Sept. 10, 1891;
    [now in the public domain]

Theme: "It's Howdy Doody Time"

     Adapter/Arranger/Lyricist: Edward George Kean (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: ["It's Howdy Doody Time" -- is
                      listed without publisher in ASCAP, 1978 --
                      but credited to "R E Smith & E G Kean"]

     2000 Publisher: Kean-Smith Publishers (ASCAP), 
                        of West Bloomfield, MI
     2014 Publisher: Kean-Smith Publishers (ASCAP)

    [Registered by one copyright claimant: Edward George Kean]:
     Copyright Date: July 20, 1948; EU 138 829.

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