Ponds Theatre (dramatic anthology)

    (ABC Primetime, 1955)

    [This series was sponsored by the makers of Ponds Cold Cream,
     a hand lotion, and was a continuation of a dramatic anthology
     series "Kraft Television Theatre" sponsored by Kraft Foods 
     which began on ABC in 1953.]

Theme 1: "Ponds Theatre Theme"

    [Theme title and composer credit in "Film and TV Music", 
     Mar.-Apr., 1955 issue. Selinsky also scored many episodes
     of "Kraft Television Theatre" and some episode cues appeared
     on his LP album "Music For Kraft Television Theatre".]

     Composer: Wladimir Selinsky (ASCAP)

     1952 Publisher: [not listed in ASCAP Performance Index, 1952] 
     1954 Publisher: [not listed in ASCAP Performance Index, 1954]
     1978 Publisher: [not listed in ASCAP Performance Index, 1978]
     2000 Publisher: [not listed in ASCAP Repertoire Database]

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 2: "Dusk", waltz from the suite "Fancy Dress"

    [This piece began life as the third movement waltz of a
     dance suite for orchestra, named "Fancy Dress" (Op.82, No.1)
     which Gibbs composed in 1934. Throughout the next 10 years,
     several British arrangers made versions of this waltz by
     itself for various chamber orchestras and solo instruments.
     In 1949 it was re-registered as a "Valse-Song with anonymous 
     words adapted by the composer." He added the sub-title so the
     vocal version was named "Dusk (Velvet the Sky)."
     THEME and composer verified by THEME collector Ray Clark;
     Verified in a TV Guide issue in the 1950s as well...The writer's
     name is sometimes abbreviated as "C. Armstrong Gibbs"]

     Composer: Cecil Armstrong Gibbs (British PRS/ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Hawkes & Son, Ltd. (British PRS)

     2001 Publisher: Cypress Creek--Boosey/Hawkes (ASCAP)
                        of Boca Raton, FL; and
                     Hawkes & Son, Ltd. (British PRS)
                        of London, England

    [registered as part of the dance suite "Fancy Dress (Op.82, No.1)"]:
     U.S. Original Copyright Date: Sept. 6, 1935; EF 41 185.
     U.S. Original Renewal   Date:

    [registered by itself, as an arrangement for orchestra]:
     U.S. Orch. Arr. Copyright Date: Jul. 22, 1949; EF 13 879.
     U.S. Orch. Arr. Renewal   Date:

    [registered by itself, as a song version]:
     U.S. Vocal Copyright Date: Jul. 22, 1949; EF 13 881.
     U.S. Vocal Renewal   Date:


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