The Whistler (suspense anthology)

    (Syndicated, 1954)

    [This short-lived TV series was based on the famous radio 
     series of the imagination, which aired on CBS radio from 
     1942 - 1954. 39 TV episodes were syndicated by CBS Films.

     As on radio, Dorothy Roberts whistled the THEME melody, and
     the TV version was also narrated by Bill Forman. But the
     concept didn't translate well to TV. Radio apparently allowed
     for "better pictures" in the mind of the listener.]

Theme: "The Whistler"

    [aka: "The Whistler Theme"]

    [same theme as the radio series with the melody eerily whistled.
     Although unpublished registrations of 1947 credit the lyric writers separately
     as described below, the published sheet music of a "Jump Tune" based on the 
     THEME, published by Herman Music in 1947 gives credit only to Hal [Harold] 
     Dickinson as the lyricist. Apparently this published version by Herman Music
     was not filed for copyright.]

     Composer: music by Wilbur J. Hatch (ASCAP/BMI), 
               Harold Hunt ("Hal") Dickinson, Jr. (ASCAP)

     1947 Publisher: J. L. Lester Music Co. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Herman Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

     2000 Publisher: Herman Music, Inc.  (ASCAP), 
                        of Sherman Oaks, CA

    [with first set of lyrics by George Tibbles & Ramey Idriss 
         registered by the writers Hatch, Tibbles & Idriss]:
     Vocal Version Copyright Date:     Feb. 3, 1947; Eu  61 228.
    [with second set of lyrics by Harold Hunt ("Hal") Dickinson, 
         registered by J. L. Lester Music Co.]:
     Vocal Version Copyright Date:    Sep. 19, 1947; Eu  94 127.    
     Revised Copyright Date: Nov. 5, 1952; Eu 293 042.


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