The Trouble With Father (situation comedy, with Stu Erwin)

    (ABC Primetime, 1950 - 1955) 

    [original title: "Life With The Erwins", then...
     aka: "The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father", and then
     aka: "The New Stu Erwin Show"]

Theme: A Family Story, from the "Structural Music" library, vol. 3

    [theme verified by collector Ray Clark, included in
     the "Structural Music Library" vol. 3 of Alexander Laszlo;
     ASCAP Repertoire aka:"Trouble With Father Cues";

     Cues related musically in the "Structural Music" library:

     "A Family Story Opens", Volume 3, #337;
     "Bridge: Frozen Frame &emdash; and: Motion Begins", Volume 3, #338;
     "Family Theme bounces", Volume 3, #339;
     "Family Theme Waltz", Volume 3, #340;
     "Flattery [Family Theme]", Volume 3, #341;
     "Carefree Walk", Volume 3, #342;
     "Flight around Corners", Volume 3, #343;
     "Charming Bridge", Volume 3, #344;
     "Family Theme Full End", Volume 3, #345;
     "Family Story closes", Volume 3, #346]

     Composer: Alexander Laszlo (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Sandor Totis]

     Original Publisher: Guild Publications of Calif., Inc.(ASCAP)

     1997 Publisher:  The Regents of the University of Calif., 
                        o/b/o Alexander Publications (ASCAP)

    [in "Structural Music, Volume 3"]:
     Copyright Date: Dec. 22, 1950; EP 51 462.
     Renewal   Date:


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