Lunch With Soupy Sales* (comedy)

     (ABC Saturday Mornings, 1959 - 1961)

     [*pseudonym of Milton Hines; "Soupy" was originally nicknamed
      "Soupbone" because his brothers had the nicknames "Hambone"
      and "Chickenbone" (talk abuot a dis-functional family! :-)  
      Soupy also hosted Primetime and Syndicated versions which
      were called "The Soupy Sales Show", which see...]

Theme: "Flying Fingers"

     [Theme, writer and recording info from Forrest Patton,
     owner of Kaleidosound Studio in San Francisco. There seems to
     be some discrepancies between the original ASCAP writers
     whose names were filed on the copyright and renewal; and
     1999 BMI repertoire credits who include foreign writers.
     (Perhaps they added lyrics when publishing was split with
     BMI, or were original but uncredited collaborators)...
     1999 ASCAP-listing: Belinda Putnam (ASCAP), and
                         William ("Bill") Putnam (ASCAP)
     1999 BMI-listing: Valarie Clark (ASCAP)
                      [pseudonym of Belinda Putnam],
                       Jim Clark (Canadian SOCAN), and
                       Ruth Marsters (SESAC)    
     Below are the original writers, as listed on the copyright.]

     Composers: Valerie Clark (ASCAP)
               [pseudonym of Belinda Putnam], and
                William ("Bill") Putnam  (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Anne-Rachel Music Corporation (ASCAP)
     1999 Publishers: Anne-Rachel Music Corporation (ASCAP)
                         c/o Warner/Chappell Music, INC., of
                         Los Angeles, CA; and
                      Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI)
     Copyright Date: January 10, 1952; Eu 260 836.
     Renewal Date:   January 11, 1980; RE-47-919.
          45rpm EP: by pianist Bill Snyder
                    Decca ED 2328

      45rpm single: by pianist Bill Snyder

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