The Swift Show Wagon (musical variety, hosted by Horace Heidt)

    (NBC Primetime, 1955)

    [aka: "Show Wagon";

     Horace Heidt & His Orchestra were one of the early "sweet bands"
     which traveled the country and made records from the late 1920's
     thru the early 1940's;

     Previously he had several radio shows in his name, and was 
     given a network TV shot in 1950 on CBS called "The Horace Heidt
     Show", but it lasted just a single season;

    (Frank DeVol, who went on to score many TV series, was a 
     pianist in the Horace Heidt Orchestra.)

     Horace returned to television in 1955 to host the "Swift
     Show Wagon" series which was filmed each week from a different
     American city; But despite this ambitious effort (the same year 
     Lawrence Welk made his network TV debut on ABC) Horace Heidt's
    "Show Wagon" didn't catch on with audiences.]

Theme: "I'll Love You In My Dreams"

    [this had also been the theme of Horace Heidt and his Orchestra
     during the big band and radio years]

     Composers: Abel Baer (ASCAP),
                Russell Benée (ASCAP) and
                Horace Heidt (not affiliated)

     1978 Publisher: Leo Feist, Inc. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publishers: EMI-Feist Catalog, Inc. (ASCAP) 
                         c/o EMI-April Music, Inc.
                         div. of EMI Music Publishing
                         of New York, NY; and 
                      Abel Baer Music Company (ASCAP)
                         c/o The Songwriters Guild
                         of Weehawken, NJ

     Composition Date: circa 1927

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal Date:


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