Tomahawk / Radisson (western adventure)

    (Syndicated, 1957)

    [in response to Disney's "Davy Crockett" craze, this Canadian
     series exploited the legend of a similar French-Canadian
     frontier hero named "Pierre Esprit Radisson"; the title role 
     was played by Jacques Godin; his Indian "blood brother"
     sidekick "Onega" was played by Raymond Royer;
     In Canada where the name was well-known, the series was
     simply called "Radisson"; but in the U.S. it was renamed
     "Tomahawk"; There were even "Radisson" hats for sale which
     resembled Davy Crockett's coonskin caps without the tail]

Theme: "Radisson"

    [aka: "The Ballad of Radisson";
     Lyricist Bucarotti was also the head writer for the series;

     Wally Koster, star of Cross Canada Hit Parade, recorded the 
    "Ballad of Radisson" on the Spiral label:

    "Radisson, Radisson,
     Canada's courageous pioneer!
     Radisson, Radisson,
     Lord of the Wilderness,
     The man who knew no fear"]

     Composers: music by Johnny Cowell (Canadian PROCAN/BMI), and
                lyric by John Bucarotti (not affiliated)

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